ZTE’s new X-Site solution enables smooth MIMO network evolution
Date:2016-12-12 ZTE Click:651

12 December 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, is pleased to announce the availability of X-Site, a new solution designed to enable smooth evolution to MIMO networks for mobile carriers.

The innovative new ZTE X-Site solution will help carriers increase site capacity by as much as 40%, speed up time-to-market of new services, and reduce network management and planning costs.

While UMTS services will provide a steady revenue source for carriers in several more years, 4G LTE services are growing at a much faster pace, so it is a critical challenge to balance the two for smooth and flexible evolution to future networks. X-Site offers a seamless evolution path for evolution from UMTS and 2x2 MIMO LTE network to higher-order MIMO future network, with three main features: RRU Cascading, Vertical Sector Split, and Self-Adaptive Antenna.

RRU Cascading connects RRUs for different bands directly with each other, and then coupling from one RRU to antenna via RF cables, which enables multi-band services at one site without changing the existing antennas and with no any external combiners. It not only saves material costs but also lowers engineering cost and speeds up time-to-market.

Vertical Sector Split helps enhance network capacity without investing on new antennas, requiring no additional network planning, thus makes instant deployment possible and gives operators a competitive edge.

Self-adaptive Antenna makes switching between three-sector mode and six-sector mode super easy, giving operators even more flexibility in UMTS capacity enhancement and MIMO network evolution.

As a leading provider of telecommunication solutions globally, ZTE has made great effort focusing on helping carriers manage and resolve their most critical network challenges as next-generation technologies are deployed. X-Site is designed to help carriers address network evolution issues, protect network investment to the greatest extent possible, and to offer a super smooth evolution path to higher-order MIMO LTE networks.

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