ZTE Launches Big Video 4K+ at AfricaCom

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17 November 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has officially launched its BigVideo 4K+ solution for Africa. ZTE’s BigVideo 4K+ solution consists of four sub-solutions: fixed-mobile convergence, intelligent operation, intelligent maintenance and 4K smart terminals. The launch was held at AfricaCom 2016, 15-17 November, Cape Town, where demonstrations of the product have been well received by the industry.

The consolidation of the telecom operator market is accelerating and, anticipating the dawning of the Big Video era following full-scale development of broadband and 3G/4G in Africa with its associated challenges and opportunities, operators need to integrate fixed networks and mobile networks to develop a Big Video service. ZTE's 4K+ solution provides fixed-mobile convergence, which supports convergence of fixed and mobile service platforms, content delivery networks (CDN) and multi-screen terminals to save Capex and Opex investment. The solution features a unified platform, cloudized deployment, intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M), multi-screen access, and ultra-high definition (UHD), meeting diverse customer requirements and delivering an ultimate video experience to users.

Due to the rapid incremental growth of video data across the African continent, the question of how to alleviate transmission pressure and improve users’ experience through the best investment is always a challenge. ZTE’s converged CDN solution provides the dual capabilities of saving bandwidth between the edge node and central node as well as improving the user experience through a nearby-serving mechanism.

In addition to the realising of fixed-mobile convergence and converged CDN, ZTE’s BigVideo 4K+ solution, with its efficient and intelligent O&M and real service innovation, provides intelligent operation and intelligent maintenance based on a big data platform. With powerful data mining and analysis, management and scalability, the solution offers customers a visualized operations maintenance manual (OMM) portal and end-to-end intelligent fault location, which improves terminal users’ video experience. Meanwhile, the intelligent operation platform supports precision marketing, targeted advertising and personalised electronic programme guide (EPG), and provides data support for innovative digital services for industries such as medical care, education, and travel. Its big data-based multi-dimension user analysis and modelling capability enables operation-related decision making, which can help facilitate fast expansion for African operators.

During AfricaCom, ZTE also demonstrated its Android TV set-top-boxes, home media centre and other smart 4K UHD terminals. With the advantage of being 4K, intelligent and converged, these products provide users with a high-definition, smooth and fast video experience, thus making video a better carrier for sharing and interaction.

The ZTE BigVideo 4K+ solution can be seen as a valuable solution for the initial stage in Big Video development because it can help customers rapidly build an end-to-end platform that provides an optimal video experience, thus enhancing competitiveness.


ZTE maintains its leading position in the Big Video market. It has deployed more than 90 commercial offices globally, with a total system capacity of 80 million users and more than 100 iCDN offices, with a total concurrency capability of 100T+.

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