ZTE Demonstrates RCS Public Cloud Deployment at AfricaCom

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15 November 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has announced the deployment of its rich communication services (RCS) hosting solution on Amazon’s public cloud, and demonstrated the solution to African operators at AfricaCom 2016, Cape Town, South Africa. ZTE’s RCS solution allows operators to solve some key pain points of the industry. Thus far, ZTE has received positive recognition for its solution, highlighting its position as a global RCS industry leader.

RCS is regarded as the most popular infrastructure product for customers and the Mobile Internet. However, the traditional construction model, which involves equipment production arrangement, delivery, and installation, as well as service debugging, provisioning, and upgrades, costs a lot of time and human resources. Because of fragmentation and difficult interconnection of standard protocols, after RCS service deployment, it also costs a lot of time and human resources to cover the interconnection. In traditional equipment sales models, strict boundaries exist between operators and equipment vendors. An equipment vendor only sells its products, without considering the service development. The key to success for RCS is to develop its use and operations, or operators will be hesitant to invest.

ZTE understands the need for rapid RCS access and service application for global operators based on the advantages of Amazon’s public cloud. It has therefore taken steps to deploy its solution on the public cloud to meet the requirements of  RCS for rapid application, expansion, and function iteration. The solution possesses interconnectivity, which can directly connect operators accessing ZTE’s public cloud to the RCS platform. In terms of the private RCS platform, ZTE provides an interconnection between different operators and equipment vendors through its RCS hub. Based on the multi-tenant and soft-released hosting solution, it can directly provide RCS for multiple countries and operator branches. ZTE provides flexible business models for operators including renting, purchasing, pay as you go, and revenue share, significantly helping the operator to reduce investment costs and risk. At present, ZTE has held in-depth discussions with key international operators in Africa. The solution will be put into commercial use in Africa, providing the hosting service for operators in the future.

As a driver and leader of the RCS industry chain, ZTE has helped China Mobile build the largest RCS office globally. In addition, ZTE collaborates with the GSMA to successfully hold the Global RCS Summit at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai Expo in July, and the face-to-face GSG/GFRP meeting in Xi’an in October.


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