ZTE GSM-R Passed EC Verification

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On September 21st, Berlin, Germany, TÜV Rheinland awarded EC certificates to ZTE at the InnoTrans exhibition. This proved that ZTE's new-generation SDR-based GSM-R system has passed EC verification carried out by TÜV Rheinland — a global leader in the provision of assessment and certification services

EC Verification is required according to EU directives. The EU released the TSI CCS in 2012 followed by several supplements until 2015. The EC verification was covered by two parts according to the applicable module decision:

•      Part 1 was executed according to module SB for the type-examination.

•      Part 2 was executed according to module SD for the approval of the quality management system of the production of ZTE’s generic GSM-R network..

In June 2015, TÜV Rheinland Rail Certification started with the EC Verification for the ZTE GSM-R network according to the TSI CCS and related EIRENE specification After one year of inspection and audit, TÜV Rheinland awarded the EC certificate to ZTE at the InnoTrans conference held in Berlin, Germany, on September 21, 2016. 

“ZTE has obtained the ISV certificate of EC verification” says Jens Wolff, Head of Notified body of TÜV Rehinland Rail Certification, “This proves that ZTE GSM-R network products have fully fulfilled all the interoperability mandatory requirements according to the European Directive. We congratulate ZTE for successfully passing the EC verification."

“ZTE is very grateful for the support from industry-wide partners including TÜV “, said Yang Jun, Vice President of ZTE, “Due to certain special characteristics, railway has more stringent security, reliability, and coverage requirements for communication systems. Based on the global mature commercial SDR base stations and in-depth understanding of railway communications needs, the ZTE GSM-R system uses advanced security redundancy design and provides solutions such as AFC algorithms in high-speed mobile environments. The ZTE GSM-R system can provide global railway operators with reliable professional communication, dispatching and train control service. The ZTE GSM-R system also supports smooth evolution to the next-generation railway communications system. We hope in the future to provide railway construction services for more countries.”

So far, ZTE's GSM-R system has been widely commercially used. ZTE has established core networks in Nanning, Lanzhou, Kunming, Moscow and St.Petersburg. ZTE GSM-R system is involved in wireless telecommunications system construction projects covering 32 railway undertakings over 6000 km long, with rich IOT experience with other vendors. ZTE's core network in Kunming has been interconnected to CRSC's RBC and will serve for CTCS-3 train control level on Hu-Kun high-speed railway line (equivalent to ETCS-2). ZTE's GSM-R system in Russia is on pilot running now and will be officially put into use in October this year. ZTE's advanced GSM-R system has been recognized by the industry.

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