ZTE cloud terminal series showcased at CeBIT 2017

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23 March 2017, CeBIT, Germany – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today showcased its cloud terminal series, that can be applicable to multiple scenarios, at CeBIT 2017 in Germany.

As virtualisation, distributed computing and other cloud computing technologies become mature, and the cloud computing business model brings with it a huge market, desk cloud services are being widely deployed. This creates an opportunity for the fast development of cloud terminal products.

A cloud terminal, also called a thin terminal or thin client, is an access terminal with a small size and low power consumption. It provides input and output interfaces for users to connect to servers which store and process applications and data. Using a built-in processing chip and operating system, a cloud terminal is presented as a PC, thus fitting the use habits of users.

ZTE cloud terminals showcased at CeBIT 2017 include CT221G2, CT321G2, CT340, CT341 and CT621:

  • CT221G2 uses an ARM quad-core processor and a built-in Android operating system, boasting high central processing unit (CPU) speed, performance and price/performance ratio. With powerful video processing capability, CT221G2 can play 720P and 1080P local and online HD videos. Featuring environmental friendliness with 4.5W typical power consumption, CT221G2 is applicable to virtual offices and teaching environments.
  • CT321G2 uses the X86 architecture, an AMD high-performance dual-core processor and WES7/Linux operating system, boasting high reliability and performance, excellent user experience and high price/performance ratio. CT321G2 is applicable to government and enterprise offices, call centers and virtual teaching.
  • CT340 uses the X86 architecture, a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor and WES7/Linux operating system. With strong image processing capability, CT340 can play 1080P local and online HD videos and supports intensive graphics software. CT340 is applicable to virtual offices and teaching, especially with regards to generating virtual graphs and playing videos. 
  • CT341, an upgrade of CT340, can be built with large-capacity mechanical hard disks. It has powerful multi-media playback and image processing capabilities, and supports external devices and the DisplayPort (DP) interface, comprehensively increasing operation experience. CT341 is applicable to high-end offices, graphic design, virtual teaching, and can also be used as a thin PC.
  • CT621 uses the X86 architecture, a 1.86 GHz dual-core processor and WES7/Linux operating system. It provides four serial ports and one parallel port, supporting scalable 2.5-inch SATA hard disks. CT621 is applicable to high-end offices and business offices.

ZTE launched its cloud terminal management system that can automatically manage cloud terminals in terms of system configuration, software deployment, asset management, remote supervision, and security management. The system helps enterprise users implement efficient and intelligent cloud management, increasing operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency, while reducing costs, and guaranteeing the security of cloud terminals together with the IT processes and regulations of the enterprise. 

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