Big Data&Artificial Intelligence

    • Application Scenarios
    • So far, ZTE uSmartInsight has served more than 100 customers in the world, located in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, covering telecom operators, finance industry, public security and other industries. ZTE uSmartInsight is helping customers achieve the intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent financial, intelligent government, public security and so on.

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    • ZTE 5G Network Intelligence White Paper
    • This white paper is intended to discuss and promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology with the telecom field with telecom operators and industry partners, accelerate the efficiency of 5G network operation and maintenance, the ecological co-construction of the industry in the era of intelligent interconnection, and the continued growth of the digital social economy.
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    • AI Enables Network Intelligence - ZTE AI White Paper
    • ZTE AI White Paperwhite paper comprehensively envisions the "Autonomous, Predictive, On-demand and Smart Operation" future intelligent network architecture, solutions and scenarios. Focusing on the recent viral trends in the telecommunications, the white paper mainly introduces the artificial intelligence uSmartInsight platform of ZTE and typical application scenarios such as smart 5G, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent optimization, smart operation and smart home.
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Elastic Network

    • Elastic Network Solution
    • In the competition with over-the-top (OTT) providers, telecom operators are disadvantaged with slow business growth and are facing the following challenges:
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    • SDN/NFV White Paper
    • The strategies of Industry 4.0 and Internet+ are driving the massive upgrading of traditional industries, assisted by innovative internet technologies, to become more intelligent and scale customized. This kind of upgrading requires massive data to be collected and centralized to the cloud, and bring the whole society to the ”era of cloud”. In the era of cloud, it is necessary for the network resources to be allocated dynamically thus dramatically increasing the resource efficiency. The traditional telecom network is required to deal with more complicated and differentiated scenarios, to break through the vertically-divided rigid system and the ever-locked network elements.
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    • Elastic Transport Network
    • To meet the requirements of booming services like Pre5G/5G, big video, telecom cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), ZTE based on its 20 years' experiences in building telecom transport networks, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies such as 5G transport technologies, SDN and NFV, and has unveiled a series of end-to-end elastic solutions, including the E-OTN solution, 5G Flexhaul solution, IP+Optical solution and vDC solution. ZTE is committed to helping customers satisfy the demands of new services for low latency, high bandwidth and high reliability, cut down their operating expenses while protecting the existing network investments, and facilitate sustaining network evolution. 

      So far, ZTE transport network solutions have already been applied by massive world-leading operators including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telenor, SingTel, Qutar Telecom and Vodafone, serving billions of broadband users around the world.

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    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • ZTE Cloud Platform provides virtualized management upon computing, storage, and network resources, builds a cloud environment for users rapidly, and provides policy-based IaaS service and application deployment functions in the heterogeneous cloud environment of multiple data centers.

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    • Cloud Application
    • ZTE Cloud UniCore solution covers 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / IMS core network, providing HD voice, HD video, intelligent pipeline, user data convergence, such as a full set of solutions, and build eco-circle with global partners together, is the operator's most trusted partner.

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    • Cloud Management
    • ZTE cloud management adopt a customer-centric business mode and introduce the DevOps agility process to accelerate new services innovation, the products optimize the operation process and make decisions based on the big data analysis and prediction capability.
      ZTE provides carriers with high-quality solutions in the aspects of fulfillment, assurance, and service capabilities, and help carriers to complete the transformation. This solution also includes the building agile operation process and digital services platforms, which bring the extreme experience of digital services to customers.

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    • Ecosphere
    • At present, ZTE has joined more than 50 open source and standardization organizations, is the Gold Member of Openstack, Platinum Member of OPNFV, Platinum Member of ONAP, and Platinum Member of OpenDayLight. ZTE works with industry mainstream vendors to start all aspects of cooperation, participates in open source communities, and is committed to creating an open and win-win industry ecosystem.

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    • Cloud RAN
    • The 5G presents new challenges on RAN, such as processing performance, coordination capability, and service deployment. The RAN network is then required to keep evolving its architecture for future diverse demands when developing from 4G to 5G; meanwhile, the development of Cloud technology and big data technology, as well as the virtualization technology’s mature application in core network lay the solid foundation for RAN architecture evolvement.

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    • Architecture Evolution
    • ZTE's ElasticNet future network solution, driven by 5G and ultra wide-band technology,  powered by SDN and NFV,  cloud computing, big data and openness concept, implement a hierarchical centralized control, unified management, software-defined and flexible future network.
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Service Innovation

Cloud Computing and G&E Services

    • Government
    • ZTE solutions for the government help government customers make significant improvements in informatization development, government service innovation, and efficiency promotion.

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    • Finance
    • ZTE financial industry solution allows financial customers to transform traditional IT to cloud computing, make business innovations, and improve competitive strength.

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    • Energy
    • ZTE is dedicated to development and innovation in the smart metering field and provides industry-leading smart metering solutions based on brand-new concepts and technical strengths. ZTE solutions allow the energy industry to realize cloudified deployment and establish screen, energy-saving, safe, and high-efficiency office environments and working environments.

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    • Education
    • Based on years of experience in concept and technology, ZTE builds up future-oriented innovative and interactive education models and aims to establish a top 1 brand in the education industry.

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