Xining Telecom Optimizing PON Networks to Improve Customer Experience and Expand Network Efficacy



  • With the incensement of network scales, networks are becoming more complicated. Network operation and maintenance become more difficult, and the corresponding costs are increasing.
  • The IPTV and network browsing services are not satisfactory.
  • The revenue growth is slow.

ZTE's Solutions:

  • Analyzing and assessing network data based on KPIs and network planning information.
  • Improving the health of PON networks.
  • Balancing PON network traffic and resources.
  • Improving PON network QoS.
  • Hardening PON network security.

Customer Benefits:

  • Network QoS is improved obviously.
  • Network security is improved obviously.
  • Service quality is improved.
  • Market development and network construction can be guided.

PON networks of China Telecom (Xining Company) are developing rapidly in the recent years. The rapid construction in the initial stage provided effective support for rapid market expansion. With the number of subscribers increasing at a high speed in a short period, the networks were becoming more complicated. This not only improved the difficulty in operation and maintenance, but also improved the corresponding costs. In addition, the customer experience in network browsing and IPTV services were not satisfactory, which hindered the revenue growth. To resolve these problems and prepare for the tremendous bandwidth increase and large scale IPTV deployment, in the early 2012, Xining Telecom used the PON network assessment and optimization solution proposed by ZTE. This solution safely, reliably, and efficiently optimized PON networks of Xining Telecom. Network operation KPIs, network efficacy, and customer experience are improved, which greatly contributed to the business development purpose.

ZTE's PON network assessment and optimization solution is a comprehensive customized service. This service is based on a scientific network operation assessment system established by ZTE. Operator' PON networks can be analyzed and assessed from the following perspectives: network health, network traffic, resource usage, and network security. With the assessment and analysis results, necessary measures can be taken to optimize the networks. After optimization, the operation efficiency, benefits, network QoS and customer experience are improved, and the development of customers and services are fully supported. For the architecture of the solution, see Figure 1.

Figure 1 PON Network Optimization Solution

In addition, the PON network assessment and optimization service supports network planning and front-end marketing. For the network construction department, the assessment is based on the real traffic and resource usage, which provides data support. Therefore, limited resources can be devoted to areas that bring most profits. For the marketing department, the assessment can help in finding high-value customers. Through analyzing the resource usage, marketing activities can be performed specifically in differentiated areas.

>> Assessing Networks at Multiple Levels, and Make Differentiated Optimization Purposes

Based on operator requirements and specific service scenario requirements, PON networks are assessed in multiple levels for the purpose of improving customer experience. Network assessment KPIs that meet the optimization requirements are customized to ensure that the optimization purposes can be fulfilled. Network assessment involves four levels with more than 60 KPIs. For the assessment architecture, see Figure 2.

Figure 2 Assessment Architecture

>>Collecting Data Completely, Efficiently, and Directly for Assessment, Which Ensures the Master of Detailed Network Status

Traditionally, the data for assessment is collected on-site. This method is low in data collection efficiency but high in collection costs. In addition, the data required can hardly be collected sufficiently. In the Xining Telecom PON optimization project, data (including operation data, service traffic data, service quality data, customer experience data, and resource usage data) was collected remotely through network management system, NE data collection system, network traffic collection system, and network QoS collection system automatically. The data collected can meet the requirements, which ensures that the network status is displayed clearly in details. For the systems used to collect data, see Figure 3.

Figure 3 Data Collection Systems

>>Optimizing Networks from Various Aspects to Construct an Excellent Network

  • Improving PON network health, which enhances network operation basis

The health status of NEs and links is a basic factor that affects network QoS. By assessing and analyzing the network, you can find the devices or links that are not operating properly. Therefore, you can remove the corresponding faults accordingly. By improving network health, you can reduce the difficulties in maintaining the network and the corresponding costs.

  • Balancing PON network traffic and resources

Increasing PON network traffic and balancing resources are two important parts in improving resource usage and business efficiency and benefits. This optimization solution also supports network construction and further improves resource usage through visible traffic and resource management, which guides marketing and increases business profits.

  • Improving customer experience through improving PON network service quality and network QoS

With reasonable plan and necessary technical measures, the network service quality can be improved. With improved service quality, customer experience is naturally improved.

  • Hardening PON network security and improving network operation reliability

With the solution, operators can construct stable networks and remove network operation risks through hardening PON network security.


As broadband access market is becoming more competitive, network QoSs provided by different operators determine customers' choices directly. Therefore, carriers must solve problems that trouble customers and improve customer experience to improve their prestige and competitiveness.

The PON networks constructed by Xining Telecom and ZTE aim to break the traditional KPI assessment system and find a new one that can better guide service development and better focus on customer experience. The new assessment system is a significant attempt. The optimization project not only improved network QoS and customer experience, but also provided suggestions for service development and network construction in the future.

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