ZTE VP Chen Zhiping: 5G empowers digital intelligent industry connectivity, enabling from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

Release Time:2023-03-01


Barcelona, Spain, 1 March 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, today announced that, Chen Zhiping, VP and GM of Branding & PR Strategies, was invited to speak on the “Manufacturing Summit: Remote Control - Connecting an Industrial Revolution”, an official session held by GSMA at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, joining global experts to discuss the key issues about “industrial digital intelligence” in terms of technology, market, ROI and related perspectives.



Digital intelligence spurs industrial transformation and upgrading


According to Ms. Chen, global industry players are responding to the momentum of digital intelligent transformation as 5G-enabled digital intelligence can bring values to industry in five core areas, including “cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality enhancement, energy saving, and safe”, thereby helping industry to develop resiliently. At present, the greatest challenge faced by both flow manufacturing and discrete manufacturing industries is to integrate the digital intelligent application and innovation with the current production process and tools. However, this is also where the value of advanced technology lies in. Ms. Chen believed that this is a CEO project as it is the highly systematic level of corporate strategy, involving a series of digital intelligent integration of technology, application and architecture upgrading.


ZTE is not only a 5G equipment supplier, but also a pioneer in promoting 5G industry applications. Based on the company’s previous exploration and practices, Ms. Chen shared her insights into digital intelligent transformation from three aspects.


First, a comprehensive in-depth scenario research is a must. Industrial use scenarios and development stages for enterprises can differ greatly, with increasingly diversified and fragmented demands emerging. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth research on subdivided scenarios, to integrate the cutting-edge technologies including 5G, AI, edge computing, big data and digital twin, with various industrial use scenarios.


Second, it is essential to have a dedicated professional team who is well equipped with know-how and expertise in both telecommunications and applications. 5G intelligent manufacturing is based on a close loop, running from planning, deployment to operation and maintenance, as well as from systems to terminals. Therefore, it is crucially significant to build, cultivate and empower talent teams in digital intelligence.


Third, 5G private networks require dedicated equipment, which in turn requires abundant capital investment. In the short term, the digital intelligent transformation of some scenarios and applications, can function as auxiliary or replacement of manual labor. In the medium and long term, integrating digital intelligence into the whole landscape of industry through comprehensive applications of technologies is a key enabler to achieve optimal resource allocation and efficiency.






Building a Dark Factory, using 5G technology to manufacture 5G equipment


For ZTE, intelligent manufacturing equipment represents an essential link of industrial transformation. By showing a number of data and use cases of the company, Ms. Chen shared ZTE's accumulated experiences and fruitful achievements in practicing intelligent manufacturing. She observed that ZTE prioritizes resource investment to areas with higher input-output ratio and boosts innovative intelligent manufacturing in mass production, helping a virtuous circle take shape as a result.


Through leveraging digital intelligent technologies, ZTE has set up a Global 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Nanjing, China, in which using 5G technology to manufacture 5G equipment. By deploying a secure, reliable and high-speed 5G private network, this factory utilizes 5G high bandwidth and low latency to realize innovative applications. ZTE applies 5G cloud-based AGV and PLC, 5G machine vision, 5G inspection robot, digital twin and other 5G-enabled technologies into the manufacturing process, achieving optimization and upgrading of managing industrial parks, production lines and working procedure, realizing autonomous production in a Dark Factory. Thanks to the extensive integration of 5G-represented digital and intelligent technologies with industrial manufacturing scenarios, over 110 applications of 24 categories have become realities.


Ms. Chen highlighted, the factory has increased the average output per person by 113%, decreased the rate of missed inspections of assembly quality by 80%, shortened the delivery cycle by 48%, reduced the energy consumption of each product by 10%. It sets a leading example of energy saving and emission reduction for advanced manufacturing.





Enabling from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, sharing dividends of digital intelligence


As industrial enterprises are set on a trajectory to groundbreaking digital intelligent transformation, ZTE, gaining dividends from the momentum, will use the experience accumulated to empower the wider industrial ecosystem to digitalize and transform intelligently. “ZTE stands ready to helping various industries explore digital intelligent transformation by providing serialized and componentized digital products and services, allowing more enterprises to truly move from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing,” highlighted Ms. Chen.


During the session, Ms. Chen also shared some cooperation cases between ZTE and industrial partners on digital intelligence. At present, ZTE has worked with more than 500 partners to carry out extensive innovation practices in 15 industries, jointly exploring over 100 innovative 5G application scenarios, achieving numerous breakthroughs from the ground up.


ZTE has seven 5G use cases chosen in the 2022 GSMA Global 5G Transformation Hub, covering manufacturing, mining, transportation, agriculture and entertainment. Among these, ZTE, in partnership with Guangzhou Metro Group and China Mobile Guangzhou Branch, has been rewarded the “Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy” for the joint project “5G-empowered Smart Metro in Guangzhou” at the 2023 GLOMO Awards. And, ZTE and its partners have been rewarded “5G Smart Production Challenge Award” and “5G Energy Challenge Award” by GSMA in 2023.


At the end of the panel discussion, Ms. Chen emphasized that ZTE, serving as the driver of digital economy, is dedicated to empowering all industries to achieve an easier, energy-saving and highly efficient digital intelligent transformation, to realize the sustainable development with high quality.


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