ZTE brings ten brilliant highlights in wireless new products and solutions at MWC 2023

Release Time:2023-02-24

24 February 2023, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions will showcase its ten industry-leading innovative wireless products and solutions at the upcoming MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. The brilliant highlights will verify the company's commitment to boosting “5G Growing” by leveling up extremely simplified site, enhanced performance and energy efficiency. 




The ten highlights to be showcased at MWC 2023 include:


1.      Industry's unique 12TR ultra-broadband RRU for simplest site solution

The industry's unique 12TR UBR integrates dual-band and tri-sector in one box with 12×120W ultra-high output power. Together with the Sub-1GHz tri-band tri-sector 6TR UBR, two radio units, capable of five bands and three sectors, can build the simplest site in industry, reducing site rental cost by 60%+ and saving site energy consumption by 30%+.


2.      Industry's most powerful UBR, best choice for RAN sharing

The 1.8GHz+2.1GHz+2.6GHz tri-band UBR offers industry's highest 4×180W output power, supporting flexible power configuration for multi-operator RAN sharing. The industry's unique 900MHz+1.8GHz+2.1GHz UBR integrates three most widely used FDD frequency bands, helping operators achieve minimum tower space occupation for site modernization.


3.      Industry's most advanced PA technology enables power efficiency for RRU series

The new-generation RRUs adopt the in-house developed innovative Super-N PA architecture. Based on RF algorithms and the self-adaption efficiency tracking technology, full dynamic power range efficiency is improved. These help the next-generation RRUs reduce power consumption by 25%, equipping the UBRs with the highest power, highest energy efficiency, and highest integration in the industry.


4.      Industry's lowest power consumption of 5W enabled by AAU hibernation technology

To maximize the energy efficiency of 5G networks and pursue the perfect bit-watt curve, the industry's first AAU hibernation technology supports user migration under low-traffic period to ensure user experiences and reduce the energy consumption of zero-load equipment to less than 5W. The AAUs in the live networks can support this technology by software upgrade. Currently, AAU hibernation has been put into large-scale commercial use on over 10,000 sites.


5.      Industry's highest 10Gbps+ capacity achieved by 128TR AAU

By increasing the transceiver channels from 64 to 128 and the antenna elements from 192 to 384, the industry's first 128TR AAU can increase the cell peak throughput to 10Gbps+, enhance the coverage by 3dB, and greatly improve the edge user experiences to meet the ultra-high capacity requirements in dense urban in the future.


6.      Industry's first MiCell solution with new architecture, best TCO for mmWave deployment

MiCell, with the architecture innovation of the industry's first IF-pooling technology, achieves the lightest and smallest mmWave distributed micro-cell solution. A single RF head supports 43dBm with only 2L/2kg, achieving 4Gbps throughput. The on demand expansion of MiCell RF head can be achieved with baseband and IF resources sharing, which helps operators deploy mmWave network with optimal TCO.


7.      iEasyLink, the simplest 25Gbps multiband solution in the industry

As the ultra-simple multiband unit in the industry, NR9961 integrates the highest Tx power E-band and the most compact 4-carrier modem in one box. Together with a 1GHz ultra-wide bandwidth 4-carrier high power ODU, ZTE multiband solution can provide a reliable 25Gbps backhaul link. Benefiting from Millimeter Beam Stabilized UBA, the link distance can be increased by 50% with the antenna quantity being saved by 67%.


8.      The most complete product series, accelerating 5G smart manufacturing

Industry's smallest core network - mini 5GC, featuing A3 size, 100W power consumption, one-key O&M, and hour-level provisioning, can satisfy the deployment requirements in extreme scenarios such as mines, carriages and workstations.

In addition, the NodeEngine base station has a built-in computing engine, TSN gateway, video gateway, and other products that can be deployed as required, facilitating large-scale constructions of 5G full-connection factories.


9.      Turbo Core, the most powerful core network

Four professional function cards inject strong impetus into the core network.

+SmartNIC, the forwarding performance increased by 2 times.

+NEO cloud card: CPUs saved by 20%.

+The industry's first TSN card, achieving ns-level high-precision clock synchronization and jitter.

+Super visual acceleration card, media processing efficiency increased by 3.5 times.


10.   uSmartNet 2.0, the most agile autonomous network solution

The uSmartNet 2.0 introduces the industry's first 3D real-time experience twins, which accurately navigates QoS and predicts dynamic trends with a prediction accuracy of 90%. Thanks to the intent engine, it can generate the global optimal policy at the minute level.Meanwhile, it supports simulation and optimization with virtual-reality interaction, enabling operators to accelerate the higher-order autonomous network transformation.


Besides the above-mentioned ten new products and solutions for improving current 5G network capabilities, ZTE has continued 5G-Advanced evolution, bolstered with its forward-looking innovations, committed to, breaking the boundaries of coverage, capacity, and services and creating a boundless future:

Dynamic RIS: Continuously evolving towards commercial use, Dynamic RISs expand 5G coverage, enhance user experiences, and make low-carbon, low-cost 5G-Advanced networks a reality.

Smart Duplex: The industry's first sub-band full-duplex prototype supports both large-uplink and low-latency transmission, and helps build 5G enterprise private networks efficiently.

Integrated Sensing & Communications: In addition to the communications capabilities of 5G base stations, capabilities like sensing, computing, and control are also provided, expanding the boundaries of 5G network services.

Core Network Evolution: The user-centric evolution promotes the building of dedicated core networks by enabling Network-on-Chip architecture, plug-and-play capabilities, and 3D connection.

ZTE will unveil its cutting-edge products and technologies to witness “5G Growing” on February 27, 3F-30 in Hall 3. 


For more information, please visit ZTE booth at Mobile World Congress 2023, or explore:https://www.zte.com.cn/global/about/exhibition/mwc23.html



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