ZTE's communication and computing integrated RAN facilitates 5G innovations

Release Time:2023-07-31
  • Facing the evolution of RAN intelligence, the growth of new capability, and the exploration of new scenarios, ZTE builds RAN native-AI-based CCIR infrastructure, empowers B2C new services, and fosters B2B application in-depth development
  • ZTE implements native-AI-based traffic stimulating for consumers, cloud-network-application coordination facilitating 5G in core production for verticals, with new use cases such as V2X and communication-sensing-computing integration advancing low-altitude economy




Shenzhen, China, 31 July 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, witnessed Tang Xue, Vice President of ZTE, delivering a keynote speech at the CCIR Seminar (Communication and Computing Integrated RAN Seminar) hosted by China Mobile recently. 


Tang Xue emphasized that 5G-A represents a crucial stage in 5G development, set to accelerate technological innovation, unlock the full commercial potential of 5G, and drive explosive growth in the digital economy.


"RAN intelligence evolution, 5G-A new capability growth and new scenario exploration require a lot of computing power. Therefore, the synergy of communication and computing has become an inevitable trend," Tang said.


In her keynote speech, Tang introduced ZTE's innovative RAN native-AI-based CCIR infrastructure and its practices in all scenarios. These practices encompass native-AI-based traffic stimulation for consumer services, cloud-network-application coordination to facilitate 5G in core production for vertical applications, and the exploration of new use cases such as V2X and communication-sensing-computing integration, which drives advancements in the low-altitude economy.


"RAN Composer, an intelligent solution of ZTE based on RAN-native-AI, further explores computing power of RAN system, implements computing power orchestration adapting to full scenario requirements, including site computing power enhancement, inter-site computing power sharing and computing power integrated in computing force network, flexibly empowers B2C new services, B2B application in-depth development and low-altitude new economy," Tang added.


For B2C, with the enrichment and exploration of 5G applications, differentiated user experience guarantee is of great importance. Based on native-AI, ZTE has released a series of solutions, VoiceEdge/DeepEdge/X-Edge, to facilitate full-service user experience improvement and traffic increase, covering voice, data, XR and glasses-free 3D.


For B2B, ZTE has announced a series of products with great computing capabilities for 5G industrial field network development, such as NodeEngine and UniEngine, enabling 5G to become a component of industrial production system with one-stop cloud-network-application products and services.


For V2X and low-altitude economy, ZTE has released the industry's first computing-capable base station with communication and sensing capability. It achieves lean deployment at RAN, reliability guarantee and seamless sensing of the road for vehicle-road collaboration. It supports UAV rich applications in low-altitude scenarios, extends the connectivity from ground to low-altitude and helps create a multi-dimensional smart society.


Through collaborative efforts with China Mobile, ZTE continues to drive innovation and development in the field of CCIR. Together, they have successfully implemented CCIR-based practices in various areas, enhancing user experiences in high-capacity scenarios and conducting trials for cutting-edge technologies like XR services and IMT2030 mobile networks. In smart healthcare, smart energy, and industrial settings, ZTE has demonstrated the coordinated orchestration of RAN and CN, as well as the testing of 5G communication-sensing-computing integrated V2X architecture.


Moving forward, ZTE remains committed to its partnership with China Mobile, creating value for an intelligent society and shaping a better future.



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