Hi3G awards contract to ZTE for next stage of industry first LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode network in Sweden

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 March 1, MWC, Barcelona–ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced the company will deliver the next stage of the LTE infrastructure network rollout for operator Hi3G in Sweden as it builds out the industry’s first LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode network.  ZTE has delivered and installed the first stage of the network since it was first announced in March 2011. This was the world's first commercial network of green dual-mode LTE base stations.  For the contract extension, ZTE will deliver the SDR-based infrastructure equipment to upgrade the operator's 3G network in Sweden.The Hi3G network delivers a mix of FDD-LTE 800MHz and UMTS 900MHz services across Sweden, with both FDD and TDD-LTE 2600 spectrum also being used in high demand areas including the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. This extended network will greatly enhance the network performance of Hi3G and help Hi3G to reach a larger capacity of subscribers with more and better services. The network roll out enables Hi3G to significantly reduce its total cost of ownership by adopting a whole new generation of green energy-saving base stations. As Hi3G improves its competitiveness, more and more “affordable and easy advanced services” will be available to Hi3G subscribers. Jörgen Askeroth, CTO of Hi3G, commented:“TDD-LTE gives us great capability to provide the best possible network capacity where demand is high, but we also have FDD-LTE because we believe that not all devices will support TDD in the future, and of course we have to support all users."Through a very extensive procurement process we selected ZTE as the vendor for this next stage of our roll-out. We have very high requirements on the availability of both technology and support for the roll-out, and ZTE fulfills our requirements.” Zhu Jinyun, President of ZTE Europe and America, commented: "This is an extension partnership between the two parties following the previous agreement signed in March 2011.The extended partnership demonstrates that ZTE and Hi3G have achieved a good understanding of each other’s requirements, building on our cooperation to better serve Hi3G customers, and establishing a good basis for future network development. This agreement further strengthens both our companies’ positions in LTE in Europe."  ZTE Corporation is a leading supplier in both the TDD and FDD markets. ZTE has worked on more than 30 commercial LTE projects with over 100 operators around the globe, including high-end markets including Spain, the United States and Hong Kong, with established operators such as Telenor, CSL (in the Telstra Group), Etisalat, SingTel, Commnet Wireless/NTUA and China Mobile.  

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