ZTE Launches 1000th Base Station for Ncell

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3rd January 2011, ShenzhenZTE Corporation, (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today celebrated the deployment of the 1000th  base station for Nepal's mobile operator Ncell. The stations are based on ZTE's innovative green energy BTS solution and form part of the technology used to implement a Green Telecom know-how in Nepal.


The project faced numerous challenges, including harsh natural environments in remote areas of Nepal, poor public infrastructure and transportation facilities, unstable or unavailable utility services and the lack of an existing transmission network, which made the construction and maintenance of such stations very difficult.


To overcome the geographical and weather limitations, ZTE provided a tailor-made green solution for the project: In addition to the low power BTS base stations, heating apparatus were also incorporated into the overall solution to prevail over the sometimes freezing temperatures. The ZXSDR BS8908 multi-carrier outdoor micro base station was small in size, lightweight, low in power consumption, and made optimal use of solar panels which consume less solar power than needed for the ordinary panels used by most base stations, reducing construction costs at some areas of Nepal and resolving supply difficulties of remote sites.


The management of Ncell spoke highly of the cooperation between Ncell and ZTE, congratulating the successful launch of the network's 1000th station as well as the green network, while also expressing their appreciation for the tremendous efforts and close cooperation of both project teams to ensure the quick delivery and success of the project.


According to Yang Jintao, CEO of ZTE Nepal, ZTE solution will not only solve the network coverage in remote areas for Ncell with its industry leading new generation green compact BTS, but also reduced the TCO due to the product's cost-effectiveness.


In recent years, ZTE's technology has made several breakthroughs using the new leading edge technology platform, to provide tailor-made solutions for UMTS markets around the world. ZTE has also cooperated with Telenor, KPN, CEM and other world-class operators , as well as with Turkey's largest mobile operator Turkcell, Vietnam's first and second largest mobile operator Viettel, Indonesia's largest operator Telkomsel, to name a few. The population of these countries ranked the world's top 20. To date, ZTE has shipped more than 50 million SDR base stations, and have deployed them for more than 40 operators in 60 countries.



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