ZTE Rolls Out New Generation Core Switch for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Carrier Networks

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4 October 2010, Shenzhen – ZTE Corporation, (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today launched the ZXR10 8900E new-generation core switch series, which is the company's first core switch based on the newly designed ultra-large capacity switching 100G+ platform.


The ZXR10 8900E is designed for full-service metro network and datacenter networks, and can meet the diverse needs of operators, including multi-service convergence, MPLS-based mobile broadband backhaul network, wholesale bandwidth, and core switching in datacenters.


"The key components of the ZXR10 8900E have integrated the latest results from ZTE's IC design center, including enhanced link-based OAM detection, highly reliable clock recovery and intelligent switching," said Zhao Qiang, general manager in charge of data communication in ZTE's carrier network product line.


"84% of the semiconductors in the switch are manufactured using the industry's most advanced 40nm low-power consumption system. Factor in the use of energy-efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology and intelligent power and cooling system designs, and the entire system can increase performance by up to 10 fold while maintaining the same power consumption."


The ZXR10 8900E is based on ZTE's 100G+ platform, which features the largest port density in the industry. With the innovative VSC (Virtual Switching Cluster), it supports 1+1 cluster and 1+3 cluster, to realize the centralized management of over 2000 10G ports. The new switch series offers complete QoS policies, as well as reliable protection in multiple levels at the link, network and service levels. 


In terms of core chip architecture, the ZXR10 8900E switch series supports up to 640Gbps of switching capacity per chip and 960Mpps L2-L7 packet processing capability, and thus is able to fully meet the processing capability of 100G and 40G ports.


Today, ZTE's switches have been widely used on the networks of more than 100 operators in over 60 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. According to the Q210 report released by communications market's leading consulting firm OVUM, ZTE's Ethernet switches have maintained its No.2 position in terms of shipment to the global operators' market for 11 quarters from Q1 2007 to Q3 2009.


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