ZTE and TMN Launch Two Windows® Phone Based 3.5G Smart Phones

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SilverBelt and BlueBelt II handsets continue to re-define the smart phone market


Lisbon, 07 October 2009ZTE, TMN and Microsoft have jointly launched two new 3.5G smart phones in Portugal. The SilverBelt and BlueBelt II handsets feature the Windows® phone operating system which brings together the mobile phone, the PC and the Internet.


The customized ZTE Bluebelt smart phone has been sold in Portugal by TMN since May and has captured 30 percent of the Portuguese smart phone market. The new 3.5G smart phones have been customized by ZTE specifically for the Portuguese market and will be available from TMN throughout Portugal. TMN is Portugal’s largest mobile operator with seven million subscribers from Portugal’s population of 10.7 million.


The BlueBelt II handset delivers the complete Windows phone experience. It is an ultra-slim candy bar style smart phone with a 5MP camera, and works with UMTS, GSM, Edge and GPRS networks. The handset has both touch screen and modified QWERTY keyboard data entry with dedicated keys especially customized for TMN users.


The SilverBelt handset is also a customized candy bar ultra-slim 3.5G smart phone running Windows® phone, but also features a G-Sensor motion sensor supporting functions such as MP3 player start.stop and horizontal/vertical screen switch. The Silverbelt also has a large 3.2 inch touch screen with 5Mp camera.


Both ZTE/TMN smart phones can provide high-speed data rates of up to 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA/HSUPA networks. They are fully featured phones providing multi-media functions, fast connectivity and up to 8GB data storage capacity, giving a full phone and web experience combined with stylish design.


The handsets support WAP, Bluetooth, video and audio streaming, web browser and USB 2.0 connectivity supporting different multimedia formats including MP3, AAC+, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and FM radio.


ZTE has invested heavily in the research and development of smart phones over the last five years and has focused on becoming the world leader in the development of customized mobile phones.


Demand for smart phones has reached the point where they are no longer seen as a luxury or a strictly work-related item. ZTE recognized this trend early on and invested in the development of smart phones that not only offer the sleek design, superior processing capabilities and attractive prices consumers desire, but that also work smoothly on each carrier’s network.


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