ZTE Opens LTE Laboratory in North America

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Richardson, TX-based Lab Tests CDMA/LTE Dual-Mode Platform; Showcases ZTE's Global LTE Technology Leadership


Richardson, TX - October 19, 2009 – ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions today announced that it has opened an LTE (Long Term Evolution) testing laboratory at its U.S. headquarters in Richardson, Texas. In the lab, ZTE will demonstrate and test its dual-mode CDMA/LTE platform, which enables carriers to lay the foundation for the delivery of LTE services in the U.S. Using the platform, ZTE can demonstrate an FTP downloading rate up to 52 Mbps at 10 MHz bandwidth and conduct CDMA voice service and LTE HD (High Definition) video demonstrations simultaneously.


“With our new lab here in the U.S. we are demonstrating our heritage and core understanding of North American carriers and their technology requirements,” said Mr. Jiang Xiangyang, executive president of ZTE North America. “We look forward to helping U.S. carriers deepen their understanding of ZTE’s innovative, flexible and cost-effective dual-mode CDMA/LTE platform.”


ZTE’s LTE platform currently employs the CDMA and LTE bands, which provides carriers with a smooth equipment migration path from CDMA to LTE while keeping infrastructure costs down. ZTE also has the capability to customize the platform for other bands according to the requirements of the carriers – in particular, ZTE can create a multi-mode GSM/UMTS/LTE platform.


In the lab, ZTE’s team of local researchers will work closely with carriers to test and verify ZTE’s CDMA/LTE platform to the highest industry standards in order to ensure that it’s poised for successful commercial deployment. The lab is designed and has been built in accordance with international tier one operator test requirements, and is equipped to test several features including throughput, latency, coverage, velocity vs. date rate, traffic quality, mobility management and OMM/SON. On a global scale, ZTE has rich experience in field trials, including the Xi'an R&D institute.  


This CDMA/LTE dual-mode laboratory is based on the Uni-RAN solution on ZTE unified Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform, and the lab is equipped with several sets of distributed eNodeBs including ZXSDR B8200 (BBU), ZXSDR R8880 (RRU), a set of ZXUN uMAC (MME), a set of ZXUN xGW (SAE-GW), a set of ZXUN USPP (HSS), a set of NetNumen M31 (OSS) and the latest commercial version software. 

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