ZTE high-end router successfully passes MFA's MPLS test

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Shenzhen, China – ZTE's ZXR10 high-end router has successfully passed the MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) interoperability test organised by international telecoms industry organisation the MFA Forum in conjunction with the EANTC (European Advanced Network Testing Centre) in Berlin.

Since the completion of the test, the ZXR10 T128 was showcased at the MPLS World Congress 2007 in Paris, where ZTE set up a network in collaboration with other vendors' device. ZTE has also successfully demonstrated IPTV services based on its MPLS technology.

"The EANTC's authority on product quality is renowned throughout the industry because of its thoroughness and stringent test criteria," said Li Weipu, ZTE's router product director.  "Such recognition is becoming increasingly important in bidding for high-end router projects as competition becomes progressively intense, and to have won such recognition is a strong affirmation of the quality of our products."

The MFA Forum is an international, industry-wide, not-for-profit association, focusing on promoting the deployment of multi-vendor, multi-service, packet-based networks, associated applications and interworking solutions. ZTE's ZXR10 high-end router product was found to have extremely good interoperability with complementary vendor devices through the inter-carrier L2 VPN test, inter-carrier L3 VPN test, FRR test, End-End Pseudo Wires test, Multi-Segment Pseudo Wires test, failure detection and OAM test.

The ZXR T128 is a carrier-class core router developed by ZTE using the company's own intellectual property. The ZXR10 high-end router product has been awarded 'IPv6 Ready' certification and the 'Most Promising Brand' award in China, and is in service with major carriers in more than 30 countries around the world.

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