ZTE and Samsung team up for Home NodeB R&D-3G boosted to enable true convergence in the home

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Shenzhen and Barcelona, February 12, 2007: ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has signed an agreement with Samsung to jointly work on the research and development of UMTS-based Home NodeB products.

The Home NodeB, also referred to as 'femtocells', will be specifically designed to manage indoor telecommunications and enable new broadband network applications, such as assisting in the convergence of fixed and wireless telecoms in the home. The Home NodeB optimises the in-building 3G experience for the subscriber within their home or work place.

"Samsung is not only one of the world's major handset vendors but also one of the major telecoms equipment providers, and Samsung and ZTE are both leading telecoms players in their respective areas with different products in different markets. This cooperation will help combine our strengths to jointly compete in the global 3G market," said Samsung vice president Mr Li Xiaozhong.

A typical Home NodeB can automatically transfer a call session between the mobile network and the user's home DSL connection, as well as enabling wireless computer networking, broadband internet access and fixed line VoIP services all via the one device.

"Home NodeB is part of the ZTE Next Generation Mobile Network solution. We believe it will play a critical role in indoor telecoms access and become increasingly important in the future evolution of 3G networks," said Mr Ding Mingfeng, Vice president of ZTE, "ZTE is investing heavily in UMTS technologies and this cooperation between ZTE, one of the most important wireless telecommunication manufacturers in the world, and Samsung, one of the most important handset producers in the world, will definitely provide customers with more competitive UMTS products and solutions."

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