ZTE Undertakes OADM Metro Backbone Network in Hong Kong

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January 7, 2004 ---- Recently, Wharf T&T’s new backbone optical network, based on ZTE’s Unitrans series OADM and MSTP products, successfully passed final acceptance in Hong Kong. This is one of the few OADM and MSTP projects in operation in the Asia-Pacific region. Industry experts are of the opinion that technologically this network has reached the most advanced level in the world.

With maximal bandwidth of 400G, the new network will deliver more abundant services, and higher reliability and flexibility over the existing fibers. It shows that by virtue of high quality, bandwidth and stability, ZTE’s OADM&MSTP series of optical transport products are able to fully satisfy the specific network requirements of the markets in Hong Kong and other developed regions.   

The optical network is based on the ZXMP M800 OADM and ZXMP MSTP systems. As well as integrating traditional voice services, the metro optical network provides data transmission, network management, network video application, international DDN, and special network multimedia transmission services. With ZXMP M800 OADM and ZXMP MSTP solutions, the optical network provides transparent connection for SDH signals.  It also carries PoS, GE, ATM, PDH, FICON, ESCON and other signals, adding or dropping wavelengths as required. In addition, it also provides effective protection, ensures low cost, and improves the flexibility of the network. When the backbone transport network is completed, the capability, stability and speed of Wharf T&T network will be significantly improved, greatly enhancing the carriers’ network competency.

Wharf T&T planned to expand its optical transport network at the end of 2002, aiming at providing E1, T1 and Ethernet data services for its customers, with more than 100 service nodes giving the planned coverage. ZTE won the contract for the project in May 2003, and began testing. The tests required that all the equipment indexes must meet the basic standards; in addition, the tests suggested many personalized requirements for the Hong Kong market. After 6 months rigorous overall tests, ZTE’s Unitrans series OADM and MSTP products successfully passed the final acceptance. As a result of outstanding performance in the tests, Wharf T&T will continue to choose ZTE’s optical transport equipment to construct its metro optical networks.    

Leveraging its technical strengths of metro OADM, large capability DWDM and MSTP products as well as related customized solutions, ZTE is proud of its great achievements in domestic and overseas optical transport markets in 2003, with a year-on-year increase of over 30% in sales. In China, ZTE won the backbone DWDM contracts for China Telecom’s Northwest Ring and Chongqing Branch, China Unicom’s Anhui and Xinjiang Branches. In addition, ZTE was awarded many MAN and local network projects of China Mobile, China Netcom and China Unicom. At the same time, with the Asia-Pacific market as the penetration area, ZTE’s advanced optical transport products are gathering pace in their entry to the international market, and have been successfully deployed in more than 20 countries and regions including Hong Kong SAR, Russia, Ecuador, Morocco, Thailand, and Pakistan. Today, ZTE has become one of the top optical transport equipment manufacturers in the world.    

About Wharf T&T

Wharf T&T was established in 1995, and is today the fastest growing fixed telecommunications network operator in Hong Kong. It built the second largest optical network and laid more than 500,000 fixed telephone lines for local businesses and people. Wharf also expanded Hong Kong’s global connectivity and international bandwidth capabilities with other countries, and to date it has completed direct interconnection services with Mainland China, North America, Europe and other parts of Asia.

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