ITU passed three optical proposals submitted by ZTE

Release Date:2006-08-30  Author:ZTE  Click:102
"ITU SG-15 plenary meeting" held in Geneva recently passed three optical proposals submitted by ZTE Corporation. The three proposals, named as “ Failure Processing on SPC connections using RSVP-TE signaling mechanism in G.7713.2”, “ Proposal for the General Network Representation of the IEEE 802.1 Based Data Transport Network” and “ The Service Protection Time of the SDH/SONET based Network with Virtual Concatenations”, covering hot topics in today’s optical research field, got passed one time after the panel’s discussion and have been regarded as very significant to operators as well as manufacturers because they are directly from practical product and engineering experiences. This is the first time that ZTE submitted proposals to ITU since its acquiring sector membership last July. By now, ZTE is the sector member of ITU-T, ITU-R, ITU-D and has played an active role in 3GPP, 3GPP2, OMA, CDG, OIF, PRRA, DSL, IPV6, MPLS, NPF.

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