China Netcom´s first IPTV agreement confirms ZTE as major international IPTV network provider

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ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, is to install the first IPTV trial for the Beijing arm of China Netcom, the country´s second largest fixed-line telecom operator. This contract will make ZTE one of the largest providers of trial IPTV infrastructure in the world, with a total capacity of nearly 500,000 subscribers and over 200,000 concurrent users in China, Europe and South America.

The China Netcom IPTV project follows ZTE´s three previous IPTV contract wins from China Telecom and confirms ZTE as China´s largest IPTV systems provider. The new network will serve 50,000 IPTV subscribers by provisioning video services including video on demand (VoD), broadcasting, time-shifted television (TSTV), private video recorder (PVR ) and near video on demand (NVoD) as well as value-added services such as interactive games, information services, instant communications, online albums and e-learning.

"The world is experiencing surging subscriber demand for new communications and entertainment services and IPTV is seen as the cut-in point and foundation of the future digital home," said Mr Yu Yifang, GM of ZTE multimedia product lines. "Global fixed-line operators are now focusing their attention on deploying IPTV services, and provisioning customised and rich-content services to subscribers. "

"With advanced telecommunications equipment technologies, in-depth insight into multimedia telecommunications services as well as strong R&D capabilities, ZTE´s NGN-based IPTV system delivers distinct advantages in terms of network planning and service operation. It can help fixed-line operators realise retained profit by constantly and effectively providing abundant customer-made services."

In 2005, ZTE was at the heart of the latest IPTV developments when it landed three successive IPTV contracts from China Telecom, China´s largest fixed-line telecommunications operator, and signed contracts with TelePassport for the deployment and promotion of triple play voice, video and data services in the Greek market including IPTV and with Emcali for an NGN system including IPTV in Cali, Colombia´s second largest city.

" Now ZTE not only has the largest share of IPTV trials in Chinese market, but also has become one of the major world providers of trial IPTV systems, " added Mr Yu Yifang.

China currently has over 30 million broadband subscribers, with more than 50% annual growth, making it potentially the world´s largest IPTV market.

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