ZTE E-OTN Product Rated ‘Leader’ by GlobalData in Core Packet-Optical Platform Class

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arch 6, 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its ultra-large-capacity packet optical transport device ZXONE 9700 was rated as the sole “Leader” in the Core Packet-Optical Platform class by GlobalData, an internationally renowned telecommunications, software and IT service research firm.

 Among the same type of devices, ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 has been leading the industry in terms of switching capacity and DWDM line card port capacity.

As a flagship optical transport product of ZTE, the ZXONE 9700 has outstanding performance and distinctive features. With industry-leading single-slot backplane bandwidth of up to 1.2T, it can achieve the industry’s largest electrical switching capacity of 76.8T.

The ZXONE 9700 supports various modulation schemes such as QSPK/200G, 8QAM/200G, 16QAM/400G and 16QAM/600G 64QAM.

It provides substantial high-speed client-side interfaces to meet operators’ requirement for high-density connection. With the industry’s lowest power consumption, it can fully satisfy operators’ demand for energy saving and power consumption reduction.

The ZXONE 9700 can also intelligently distribute bandwidth resources in coordination with a WASON control plane or an SDN controller to build elastic and efficient networks. Therefore, it is applicable to all scenarios including national backbone, provincial backbone, metro core and aggregation layers.

Meanwhile, it can effectively relieve the bandwidth pressure brought by the development of 5G, fixed network broadband and Data Center Interconnection (DCI) in the future.

“ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 series features universal packet and optical data unit (ODU) switching capability, supports network evolution to beyond 100G, and is compatible with software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. The series has undergone a significant performance upgrade with the availability of the SXK series line cards.” stated GlobalData in the report.

So far, ZTE has more than 400 optical network application cases around the world and the total length of network fibers built by ZTE has exceeded 400,000 km. 

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