ZTE Launches Commercially Viable Intelligent Optical Cross-Connect Product

Release Date:2018-03-06  Author:ZTE  Click:718

March 6, 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today launched a commercially viable intelligent optical cross-connect product, which supports fully-automatic optical cross-connection based on the all-optical switching technology.

Capable of avoiding wrong connections, the product can well relief personnels from the work of deployment and maintenance, reduce the overall network construction costs for operators, and promote the establishment of intelligent and simple E-OTN.

With the fast advent of the 5G era and the rapid emergence of new services such as 4K, VR, cloud computing and big data, the network traffic is surging rapidly and the services need to be scheduled more flexibly. Therefore, the ROADM technology is widely used. However, as ROADM site degrees rise, the complexity of optical fiber connections in the site increases geometrically, which causes inconvenience to operation and maintenance and makes it difficult to meet the requirements of rapid and flexible service scheduling as well.

ZTE's intelligent optical cross-connect product allows optical-layer service scheduling to reduce end-to-end latency  and it supports more than 32 optical directions to provide up to 800T+ cross capacity. Moreover, the new structure design enables the one-to-one correspondence between optical backplane slots and boards to support higher integration, effectively preventing wrong connections and reducing deployment time from days to hours.

Chen Yuefei, ZTE's general manager of optical transport product line, said, "ZTE’s intelligent optical cross-connect product can effectively solve the problems of a large number of optical fibers and complex fiber connections in ROADM networks. In addition, it can save investment costs and operation and maintenance costs for operators, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency. In the future, the product will employ the optical/electrical hybrid backplane to support optical/electrical hybrid cross-connect in the same subrack, helping operators to deploy optical transport networks more flexibly and efficiently. "

ZTE leads 5G transport innovations. In order to meet the arrival of the all-cloud 5G era, ZTE will continue to strengthen R&D investment in new optical transport network technologies and products, and build a more intelligent and simple optical transport network for operators to make significant contributions to the development of global optical networks. 

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