ZTE embarks on Campus Recruitment 2023

Release Time:2022-09-19


With the theme of  "Dare to Dream, Dare to Begin"
19 September 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today has kicked off its campaign on ZTE Campus Recruitment 2023, which covers a total of more than 5,000 positions in R&D, marketing, supply chain, and operation support, for fresh graduates around the world.


According to the company, talent is one of the three cornerstones of ZTE and a key driving force for enterprise development. To ride the trend of digital economy, ZTE invites innovative and courageous Gen Z to join the journey toward a brilliant future of science and technology.

Innovation and Collaboration with Industries for Shared Success in Digital Economy
ZTE is always committed to achieving high-quality growth through efficient, open, and transparent collaboration with the telecoms industry, verticals, and community. By participating in the co-building of a digital and intelligent ecosystem, ZTE strives to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the whole society. As a key contributor to global 5G standards, the company constantly innovates in underlying technologies to enhance core competence and promote win-win development.


According to its interim report, ZTE achieves double-digit gains in revenue and profit in H1 2022. While consolidating its 1st curve business, the company rapidly expanded business in the 2nd curve, such as server and storage products, automotive electronics, and digital energy. The remarkable progress is evidenced by the nearly 40% year-on-year revenue increase in its 2nd curve business.


Based on large investment in R&D and continuous technological accumulation, ZTE ranks high on the list of global patent portfolios. As of June 30, 2022, ZTE had filed more than 85,000 global patent applications, with over 43,000 patents granted worldwide. According to the report released in November 2021 by IPLytics, an internationally renowned patent data company, ZTE ranks global top 4 for sustainable leadership in 5G declared Standard-Essential Patents to ETSI.


As the digital economy develops, industrial collaboration for shared success in the ecosystem has become an inevitable trend, which creates a huge demand for talent in digital intelligence. Following the principle of high standard, high quality, and high level in the 2023 campus recruitment, ZTE aims to attract innovative talent to maintain the development momentum of talent teams, thereby consolidating the foundation for the company's development.

Multidimensional Growth for Talent to Create a Better Future 
Since its establishment, ZTE has taken talent as one of its cornerstones and adhered to the core values of "respecting each other, endeavoring with creativity". The company has been committed to creating a productive and transparent work environment as well as an open and inclusive corporate culture, to improve the work experiences of employees. ZTE also strives to provide clear channels and various opportunities for career growth, unleashing employees' potential and creating value on the international stage. In addition, the company provides systematic and multi-dimensional training, attractive salaries, benefits, incentives, and challenging platforms to achieve a win-win for the company and employees.


To give full play to employees' potential, ZTE provides a matrix of career development paths, including seven position levels and three tracks (management track, professional track, and project track), and designates mentors for new employees to help them adapt to the work environment from three respects: cultural inheritance, work guidance, and emotional support. Such efforts enable employees to quickly fit into the company and identify the most suitable development path for themselves. In addition, ZTE has been continuously improving the employee welfare system and paying high attention to the all-round development of employees.


Regarding employee growth, ZTE keeps working for a better capability building platform and a learning and development community with the collaboration of all parties. Moreover, ZTE enhances the targeted training of employees, explores new models for comprehensive and strategic talent development, and tailors a talent development system.


In terms of employee motivation, ZTE has not only provided performance-based bonuses, but also developed different long-term incentive programs for key talent in the company's different development stages. In this way, all efforts of the employees can be recognized and rewarded.


To offer better opportunities for the development and promotion of outstanding talent, ZTE launched the "Blue Sword Program" in 2014. It is designed to cultivate future leaders by selecting and developing top tech talent. Each Blue Sword member will have a professional mentor and go through systematic training. Mentors will provide guidance for them in terms of daily work, professional direction, and career development.


With a growing demand for talent in digital intelligence, ZTE not only provides abundant and diversified positions, but also continuously steps up efforts in talent development. By allocating exclusive resources for fresh graduates, improving career development paths, and building tailored training systems, ZTE strives to create a healthy talent development ecosystem, facilitate high-quality employment of fresh graduates, and support the talent in creating a better future.


Over the past 37 years, ZTE has been committed to building a leading high-tech talent team with strong innovation capability to support the sustainable development of the company and society. Opening a new chapter in 2022, ZTE is looking forward to creating a digital and intelligent ecosystem.