China Mobile and ZTE launch industry's first 5G industrial deployment emulator & analyzer trial

Release Time:2022-09-16


16 September 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, together with the Fujian Branch of China Mobile, has jointly launched the first trial of 5G industrial comprehensive emulator and analyzer product in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.


With the advanced development of 5G, it is the mission of the mobile telecommunication industry to use 5G for digital transformation of the industry verticals. In the face of the continuous development of 5G in power grid, mining, steelmaking, port and other industries, how to evaluate whether the networks’ performance meet the demands such as SLAs, and emulation and analyzing instruments and solutions has become an important focus of the industry.


In the trial, three key proof-of-concept tests have been completed, including the power grid differential DTU based on the 5G industry comprehensive tester, the business simulation test and quality evaluation of the multi-channel video streaming’s I-frame collision model,  the high-frequency accurate delay measurement business (at ms level) , and the display of SLA dimension testing results based on NodeEngine. The test results have better evaluated the product's ability to support the minimalist WEB UI, industry mainstream business simulation, business quality assessment, automatic output of business quality reports and other major functions, and whether the application business indicators for industry verticals can meet user needs lays a foundation for evaluation.

The ZTE 5G IDEA (5G Industrial Deployment Emulator & Analyzer), the tool at the core of the solution for this trial, tackles three major challenges of private 5G deployment: difficult network industry matching test, difficult service SLA acceptance, and difficult problem identification. By virtue of the APP+Sever architecture and integrating private 5G capability evaluation, business simulation, quality evaluation, log analysis and other functions, it offers an excellent solution to these problems and eliminates the gaps in products and technical solutions in the industry. This comprehensive instrument is also the industry's first integrated portable test equipment. In the future, through the end-to-end network linkage, it can also realize the innovative function of service-aware KQI degradation associated with the network-side KPI linkage, support the rapid delimitation and positioning of anomalies, and provide abnormal motion detection capabilities.

With deeper integration of 5G, ZTE’s 5G IDEA will continue to expand industry scenarios through machine learning to meet the emulation and analyzing needs of multiple industries. ZTE will work with its customers and partners to continue exploring more possibilities for further industrial digitalization and a better life.