ZTE's TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology drives innovation in “5G+ industry verticals”

Release Time:2022-04-15
ZTE's TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology drives innovation in “5G+ industry verticals” - ZTE Press Release

ZTE's TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology drives innovation in “5G+ industry verticals”

Date:2022-04-15 ZTE Click:2487

15 April 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that Mr. Liu Aihua, Senior System Architect of its Wireline Products, has delivered a speech entitled “TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) over Deterministic Fine-Granularity Channel of Metro-Transport Network” at the 23rd MPLS SD & AI Net World held in Paris, France.

“TSN will become the standard local Ethernet technology in the industrial automation. TSN information isolated islands need to be interconnected by the deterministic forwarding mechanism through metro transport networks,” emphasized Mr.Liu. “MTN (Metro Transport Network, a technology defined by ITU-T) will become an excellent solution to interconnect TSNs in the metro area and has been applied and verified in 5G+verticals.” 

Mr. Liu pointed out, “Various complex application scenarios are emerging in 5G+verticals, and high-value private line services, such as remote industrial control, smart grid and smart city, are springing up, bringing a great deal of transport requirements for low bandwidth, combination of soft and hard isolation, deterministic low latency, high security and high reliability. The TSN over MAN fine-granularity technology proposed by ZTE supports MB-level fine-granularity deterministic connections in a unified packet architecture. In particular, the TDM hard isolation developed from ITU-T MTN can provide highly secure and reliable deterministic fine-granularity channels, which supports deterministic L2/L3 service transport represented by TSN, and can meet the transport requirements of high-value private lines and deterministic applications of 5G verticals.”

 “With this solution, the operators can provide the precise connections meeting different service requirements at the lowest cost on a physical network,” said Mr. Liu.

“Take the 5G network application scenario at ZTE's Nanjing Binjiang Smart Manufacturing Base for an example,” added Mr. Liu. “By using the TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology, the 5G+smart manufacturing industrial park implements precise connection and all digital network deployment to carry diversified industrial automation and cloud applications.”

Moving forward, ZTE will continue promoting the development of TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology and work with partners to enhance the innovations in “5G+ industry verticals”, and to gradually achieve innovative applications with information technologies such as IoT, big data, AI and cloud computing.