ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute jointly release 5G TSN white paper

Release Time:2022-03-03
ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute jointly release 5G TSN white paper - ZTE Press Release

ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute jointly release 5G TSN white paper

Date:2022-03-03 ZTE Click:1479

March 3, 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet and China Mobile Research Institute  have released the white paper "Industrial Internet Oriented 5G TSN Practice and Prospect" during Mobile World Congress 2022. This white paper analyzes and elaborates the application prospect and requirements of 5G TSN (Time Sensitive Network) in Industrial Internet scenarios, and related innovations and practices carried out together with industry customers. 

According to the white paper, with the commercial deployments of 5G networks, Industrial Internet, as an important field of 5G ToB applications, has entered into the rapid growth phase under the impetus of the industrial digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The production cycle, which is regarded as the core field of Industrial Internet, raises higher requirements for the real-time and determinacy of network connections, including ultra-low latency, ultra-low jitter, and highly reliable transmission links. The integration of 5G and TSN can provide deterministic services of millisecond transmission delay and microsecond jitter, meeting the real-time requirements of major existing production industries such as manufacturing, and helping 5G network make deep development of integrating with the Industrial Internet.

The white paper also comprehensively introduces end-to-end successful practices of ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute and their industry partners in 5G TSN product technology exploration and innovation under Industrial Internet scenarios. For instance, 5G TSN deterministic network supports power grid management services such as power grid differential protection, accelerates the deployment of clean renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, and assists the power industry in achieving the strategic objectives of "peak carbon dioxide emissions" and "carbon neutrality". The 5G TSN network also provides low-latency, low-jitter and high-reliability deterministic connections for the real-time control of intelligent PLC to implement accurate gating control management based on time, thus ensuring bounded delay transmission of motion control messages. It verifies the feasibility of real-time motion control through the 5G TSN network, and provides a solid foundation for 5G to empower Industrial Internet. 

Moving forward, ZTE and China Mobile Research Institute will work together with the industry customers and terminal manufacturers to make unremitting exploration and verification of 5G TSN end-to-end solutions. Also, both parties will provide strong support for the further development of 5G+ Industrial Internet, fully empowering Industrial Internet, actively promoting digital transformation of the industry and creating the new blue ocean.

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