Song Shijie of ZTE: Building all-fiber world to accelerate development of home video

Release Time:2021-10-27
Song Shijie of ZTE: Building all-fiber world to accelerate development of home video - ZTE Press Release

Song Shijie of ZTE: Building all-fiber world to accelerate development of home video

Date:2021-10-27 ZTE Click:314

27 October 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has hosted its Global Analyst Conference 2021 online from October 25 to 27. During the event, Song Shijie, Vice President of ZTE, shared his insights on all-fiber connectivity and home video with global analysts.

According to Mr. Song, the acceleration of fiber transformation across the globe is pushing optical networks from home to campus and industry. For rural scenarios, ZTE offers the Light Passive Optical Network (PON) solution, assisting more than 70 operators in delivering communications connectivity in the countries where they operate. For home scenarios, ZTE can provide the Home Optical LAN (HOL) and RoomPON solutions. Currently, over 20 pilots and commercial deployments of the solutions have been carried out to explore operational models and promote the maturation of the industry.

“For industry scenarios, ZTE, with extensive experience, has already deployed 500-plus all-optical campuses for multiple industry sectors such as enterprise, school, hospital, transport and energy,” said Mr. Song.

The accelerated deployment of broadband around the world has laid a solid foundation for the growth of video services. By 2024, globally, home broadband penetration will reach 68% and video services will account for 80% of network traffic.

As a leader in the video arena, ZTE is redefining home video services as being characterized by a new experience, a new scenario and a new ecosystem. 

For the new experience, ZTE is focused on satisfying user demands and empowering digital life. The company can provide a multi-dimensional, immersive and Ultra High Definition (UHD) experience featuring multi-viewpoint video, free-viewpoint viewing, VR video and bullet time. 

For the new scenario, ZTE is dedicated to serving homes and becoming a designer of customized video products. The company designs different scenario-based services for different family members, such as mobile entertainment for the elderly, teleworking for the middle-aged, cloud gaming for the young, and interactive classrooms for kids. 

For the new ecosystem, ZTE is committed to building a bridge connecting home and society. The company employs an integrated cloud video platform and adopts a home-centered approach to connect multiple market segments and enable win-win cooperation.

Moving forward, ZTE is devoted to bringing together the wisdom and efforts of all the industry to make the all-fiber world a reality. By enabling video producers to concentrate on content creation and service providers to conduct hassle-free service operation, ZTE facilitates the comprehensive development of UHD video services for smart homes in the all-optical era.