ZTE hosts Global Analyst Conference 2021 online

Release Time:2021-10-26
ZTE hosts Global Analyst Conference 2021 online - ZTE Press Release

ZTE hosts Global Analyst Conference 2021 online

Date:2021-10-26 ZTE Click:679

26 October 2021, Shenzhen, China -- ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today holds its Global Analyst Conference 2021 online. With the theme of "Building the infrastructure for digital economy to enable connectivity and trust everywhere", the virtual event brings together more than one hundred industry analysts, financial analysts and media representatives from around the world to share their forward-looking insights on digital economy, industrial development and ecological construction. 

The three-day conference focuses on four topics, specifically, ZTE's overall strategy, communication network development, green and low-carbon development, and digital transformation.

On the first day's agenda on the company's overall strategy, ZTE's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Xie Junshi delivered a keynote speech entitled "Winning Future with Digital Intelligence". He presented the company's landscape in the digital economy era, covering corporate positioning, development goals and strategic initiatives. 

According to Mr. Xie, the company, while facing the next strategy period, will achieve leap-forward development with the principle of "hree strategies, two curves". "Three strategies" here lie in innovation, globalization and end-to-end product solutions. "Two curves" mean that on the one hand, ZTE sticks to solidifying its position, keeping the steady growth of operators' business in the first curve while on the other hand, ZTE will create its new horizon to achieve the rapid growth of government and enterprise business, terminals business and new business in the second curve.

Meanwhile, ZTE will be committed to becoming a highly resilient operating organization to adapt to the challenge of the uncertainty in the new normal. The company will adhere to a green and low-carbon strategy to achieve long-term sustainable development. 

According to Mr. Xie, ZTE aims to be included in the Fortune Global 500 list in next two to three years by maintaining a robust annual growth rate.

With increasing demands for data services, many public cloud providers and telecom operators are vigorously making cross-border innovations, expecting to seize the new opportunities at the early stages of a new round of digital economy surge. ZTE's Chief Development Officer, Ms. Cui Li, delivered a speech on "Embracing a New Era with Digital Service Providers" at the conference.

"ZTE expects to consolidate digital foundations with enhanced network capabilities, expanded digital capabilities, and digital transformation of industries," said Ms. Cui. "We expect to help operators realize digital transformation, better embrace the digital era and stay ahead in future competitions while creating value and winning the future together."  

The consumer business serves as a pillar for ZTE's future growth. Ni Fei, Senior Vice President of ZTE and President of ZTE Mobile Devices, has shared the achievements of ZTE's terminal in the past year and future development strategies in his keynote speech.  

"In the past year, ZTE Mobile Devices has been advancing the development of brands, products and channels. ZTE Mobile Devices has guaranteed rapid growth in China and steady increase in overseas markets," said Mr. Ni. "Facing new opportunities for the future market development of 5G mobile phones and mobile internet products, ZTE Mobile Devices will focus on 5G, solidify the strategy of building an all-around terminal ecosystem, and build a new 5G future with full-scenario smart experiences."

"At the same time, we will firmly implement the technological innovation route, continue to promote the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. ZTE Mobile Devices has been making strategic investment in products, branding and channels to comprehensively support the terminal business to scale a new height.” added Mr. Ni.

The first day's agenda also included a Q&A session and a virtual tour to ZTE's Nanjing Binjiang Smart Manufacturing Base. On the Q&A session, Mr. Xie, Ms. Cui and Mr. Ni shared their in-depth insights with global analysts on the ICT industry development, the company's overall strategy, consumer business and beyond.  

The virtual tour provided participants the opportunities to experience "Intelligent Manufacturing Powered by 5G" online, and a series of integrated innovative applications and the changes brought by 5G for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the digital economy era.

On the second and third days of the conference, technical experts and top executives from ZTE will  deliver keynote speeches on the development and challenges of wireless networks and wired networks. Also, they will share insights with many industry experts from around the world on the latest developments and strategic layout of  digital transformation and green and low-carbon developmentas well, bringing the latest trends and professional opinions.

Following its Global Analyst Conference held five years ago, ZTE, the driver of digital economy, has restarted the annual analyst conference this time to build a bridge of information communication with global analysts, opinion leaders and the media. The company expects to work with all partners to promote the development of the digital economy with an open, integrated and win-win target, expecting to jointly make contributions to a better digital future.