ZTE Wins the Excellent Solution Case Award for Its iCube Cloud Network Integrated Solution

Release Time:2021-10-22
ZTE Wins the Excellent Solution Case Award for Its iCube Cloud Network Integrated Solution - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Wins the Excellent Solution Case Award for Its iCube Cloud Network Integrated Solution

Date:2021-10-22 ZTE Click:362

22 October 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that ZTE's iCube cloud network integrated solution has won the Excellent Solution Case Award at the ICT PT/Expo China.

ZTE has innovatively proposed the iCube cloud network integrated private network solution. Based on the three-dimensional innovation matrix of connectivity, computing power and ecology, ZTE has built a customer-centric 5G industry private network, and a cloud infrastructure driven by dual cores based on VMs and containers. The company has provided not only the connection function of enabling the network in the cloud and generating the cloud as required, but also ubiquitous computing power resources from the center to the edge for customers, operators and equipment vendors in the industry to achieve win-win and facilitate digital innovation in all industries. 

The iCube cloud network integrated private network solution offers multiple deployment modes (general cloud network dual-cabinet & compact all-in-one cabinet). The block type, which can be flexibly customized and highly integrated on demand, provides differentiated cloud network services for various industry scenarios. 

ZTE has built an industry-leading smart factory which can host applications such as data collection and welding fault detection in the workshop to the iCube industry cloud network integrated cabinet. Data collection, deployment and debugging takes only a few days, which can effectively reduce cabling costs and shorten the construction debugging time by more than three months. At the same time, the data collection information is incorporated into the equipment integration efficiency management system to improve the average equipment utilization rate by 35.7%. The deployment of 5G visual inspection applications for the iCube industry cloud network cabinet reduces welding faults while boosting welding efficiency and welding quality by 10%. 

ZTE also builds intelligent coal mine systems through iCube, to achieve localization of the 5G coal mine network with no data leakage out of the park and ensure controllable network security through cloud network integration and deployment. The i5GC+ iIMS network provides the mine with 5G VoNR HD voice and video services. Through interconnection with the public network IMS, the mine can make seamless voice and video calls with the external network. 

The iCube industry cloud network integrated cabinet provides highly reliable communication for the whole mine to meet the requirements for high bandwidth, low latency and ubiquitous communication network in complex mine environments. While assisting in the all-round interconnection of the coal mine personnel, equipment and environment, it supports the intelligent construction of the entire process of mining, excavation, mechanizing, transportation, communication, water supply/drain, energy consumption, washing and selection, operation management and control in the mine. 

The iCube cloud network integrated private network solution also helps to implement the smart port. The 5G wireless network has widely replaced wireline optical fibers, making deployments more flexible and saving the TCO by more than 20%. As a result, one remote driver can control 3~6 gantry cranes at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency. Gantry drivers are able to perform remote operations in the ground cab in the improved working environment, which lowers the requirements for the drivers and enhances the safety of operations. 

In addition, the iCube cloud network integrated private network solution achieves vehicle/road coordination, drone/ship security preventive maintenance in the port, and intelligent shore-bridge remote operation. Accelerating the full integration of port information and services, it aggregates all elements of shipping, such as logistics, business flow, information flow, freight flow and people flow, to accelerate the transformation from a traditional port to an automated and intelligent port. 

By effectively combining network infrastructure with vertical industry production elements, the iCube cloud network integrated private network solution will continuously breed and incubate valuable and innovative applications in various industries, helping to promote the continuous development of 5G in enterprises and accelerate the digital transformation of industry customers.