ZTE Releases the MEC Simplified O&M White Paper

Release Time:2021-02-26
ZTE Releases the MEC Simplified O&M White Paper - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Releases the MEC Simplified O&M White Paper

Date:2021-02-26 ZTE Click:448

26 February 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has released the MEC Simplified O&M White Paper. 

This white paper analyzes how operators and enterprises perform and organize O&M in the multi-service scenarios of edge computing, including the composition of the edge computing O&M management system, division of O&M modes, and establishment of the O&M organizational structure.

According to the white paper, with the large-scale deployments of 5G, more operators regard edge MEC as their strategic priority. MEC, as an extension of 5G network, deploys network capabilities to the edge, bringing new service experiences and digital services to thousands of industries. 

Also, the white paper points out that the commercial deployments and service development trend of MEC is as follows: Massive distributed deployment, multiple heterogeneous resource forms, hierarchical services, and different assets. To deal with the service features of the MEC, MEC O&M should focus on MEC resources, network platform capabilities, and applications, and cover full-lifecycle management such as site commissioning, service provisioning, O&M management, and self-maintenance. 

Considering the features such as MEC distributed deployment and heterogeneous resources, operators and the industry usually are concerned with how to introduce automatic and intelligent means in various stages of O&M to support the MEC so as to provide agile application deployment and reliable service guarantee for the ToB industry, thereby achieving edge self-management.

To meet different requirements of vertical industries for network and data security, the MEC can select different deployment locations. Edge devices can be deployed in the operators’ equipment rooms or enterprises’ equipment rooms in accordance with the device deployment location and asset classification, and the devices belong to both of them. In this case, the division of O&M responsibilities between operators and enterprises are also to be discussed and determined. This white paper describes in detail ZTE's research and practices on edge O&M in terms of equipment ownership, O&M mode, and division of main O&M responsibilities. It can be used as a reference for operators and enterprises to implement the actual edge MEC projects. 

“ZTE is the first vendor in the industry that releases edge computing MEC O&M. It is not only a system equipment provider, but also a major contributor to the overall development of MEC in 5G edge computing,” said Wang Weibin, CTO of ZTE Telecom Cloud and Core Network Product. “We have made in-depth research on edge computing O&M integration, O&M system solution, and O&M organizational structure division.”

“ZTE OpenLab provides a unified E2E development verification environment and service innovation platform for its partners. The industrial ecosystem of MEC has been initially established. We are ready to work with operators and industry partners to build an easy-to-maintain and operable smart and simple O&M system of MEC, which will drive MEC to become a more intelligent and agile ICT platform. In this way, ZTE can embrace the real explosion of large bandwidth, low latency, and massive connections of various industries, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the ICT ecosystem.” continued Mr. Wang.    

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