ZTE, China Mobile and Migu Video verify 8K UHD VR slicing in dual-frequency 5G network

Release Time:2020-10-09
ZTE, China Mobile and Migu Video verify 8K UHD VR slicing in dual-frequency 5G network - ZTE Press Release

ZTE, China Mobile and Migu Video verify 8K UHD VR slicing in dual-frequency 5G network

Date:2020-10-09 ZTE Click:582

9 October 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, in collaboration with China Mobile and Migu Video, has verified 8K UHD VR live broadcast slicing in the 5G 2.6+4.9 GHz dual-frequency network architecture in Guangzhou, China, providing VR users with extremely low-latency and UHD experience. The verification has demonstrated the efficiency and stability of the 5G dedicated network slicing technology in the scenario of large uplink service.

Based on ZTE's latest 5G base station, 5GC core network and China Mobile SPN transmission hard slice, this verification has adopted the SA network architecture, creating a "5G UHD dedicated channel" by providing end-to-end cross-province and cross-vendor dedicated slicing services. 

The verification has fully demonstrated that the 5G dedicated network slicing technology can support the 300Mbps uplink rate required by 3-channel 4K live broadcast +1-channel 8K VR live broadcast. The end-to-end service delay, which is lower than 68 ms, can guarantee the immersive viewing experience of users.

As a pioneering experience in China, this verification has involved coordinated interconnection of slices from different vendors, and the cross-province/city collaboration of the dedicated IP line from Guangzhou to Migu General Control Center in Shanghai.

As the world's leading provider of video solutions, ZTE has developed a series of end-to-end 5G+VR video solutions and worked with the industry partners, such as Migu Video, to promote 5G network-based video innovations. In the first half of 2020, ZTE and Migu Video have also implemented the commercial trial of the 5G MEC-based 8K VR service. 
Moving forward, ZTE and China Mobile will perform traversal tests on end-to-end process to enable the full service process of slicing.

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