ZTE's Chairman Delivers 2020 New Year's Speech

Date:2019-12-30 ZTE Click:1925

Embarking on a New Journey Towards Quality Growth with Concerted Efforts
30 December, 2019, Shenzhen, China- ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile Internet, today announced that ZTE’s chairman Li Zixue delivered 2020 New Year's Speech, focusing on “Embarking on a New Journey Towards Quality Growth with Concerted Efforts”.

The full speech is as follows:

Time stops for no one, and the seasons keep changing. As we are embarking on a new journey in 2020, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation and New Year wishes to all ZTE employees and your families for your unremitting efforts in the past year, and to our global customers, partners, investors, and the people from all walks of life for your great support.

In 2019, we joined hands and forged ahead steadfastly. By focusing on main business and strengthening execution, the company witnessed steady growth, and has been a top player in the 5G industry worldwide and fulfilled the strategic objectives for the recovery phase. Keeping its large investment in R&D, ZTE has attained remarkable achievements, including the large-scale commercial use of self-developed 5G core chips, the official deployment of ZTE distributed database in major banks' core business systems, and the application of its self-developed Operating System (OS) in more fields.

In addition to establishing strategic partnerships with industry-leading enterprises in 5G and empowering vertical industries through 5G innovations and practices, ZTE also further consolidated its core competitiveness especially in Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs), key technologies, and product solutions in 2019. Adhering to the principle of creating value for customers and striving for a win-win future, the company also achieved sound development in both China and overseas markets in terms of 5G commercial use, and made unprecedented achievements in global key operators' markets. 

As the old saying goes, "the Roc soars lithely not merely because of the lightness of one of its feathers; the steed runs fast not merely because of the strength of one of its legs". The rapid recovery of ZTE relies on the great support of the people from all walks of life and the dedication of all ZTE employees. ZTE's achievements should be attributed to the great courage and endeavor of all its employees. Here, I'd like to salute all ZTE employees for your strong sense of responsibility and superior capabilities. 

In the year 2020, new technological and industrial revolution will witness new breakthroughs, with coexistence of intricate external environments and unprecedented opportunities. Against such a background, ZTE is determined to adhere to its strategies and policies, and enter the growth phase as expected in the three-phase development path (namely, the recovery phase, growth phase, and expansion phase). In the R&D field, the company is committed to pursuing technological leadership, providing higher-level cybersecurity, and playing a leading role in making 5G innovations and putting them into application in vertical industries. As for marketing, upholding its globalization strategy, ZTE will keep expanding its market presence, and seize the new opportunities arising from vertical industries and 5G mobile device business. Regarding corporate governance, the company will also enhance top-level design and systematic construction, insist on compliance in business operation, and strengthen internal governance to avoid systemic risks and ensure business continuity. In the growth phase, ZTE is to fully improve its capabilities for enhancing strategy execution, to achieve quality growth and joining the global $20 Billion Club. 

A review of historic achievements gives ample room of expectation for the future. During the past 35 years, generations of ZTE employees have been striving for excellence and remaining true to their ideals and convictions. Such persistence that has never wavered even in the most difficult times shall continue to be inherited and carried forward. 

Today, embarking on the new journey towards the growth phase, all ZTE employees shall shoulder their responsibilities for the new mission. Let's stick to innovation, openness, and cooperation to forge ahead together to embrace a brighter future. 

Wish you and your families a happy and healthy New Year!