ZTE Austria and T-Mobile Austria successfully complete test of 400G transmission

Release Time:2016-02-23
ZTE Austria and T-Mobile Austria successfully complete test of 400G transmission - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Austria and T-Mobile Austria successfully complete test of 400G transmission

Date:2016-02-23 ZTE Click:731

23 February 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions announced today that in January, ZTE and DT Austria branch, T-Mobile Austria, successfully conducted 400G optical transport tests within the existing network, resulting in 475km no-bit-error transport of 10G/100G/400G (16QAM) hybrid DWDM signal. The test included smooth capacity upgrade of the existing 10G/100G DWDM network, by simple implementation of 400G between Vienna and Graz, extending the link capacity massively. This capacity increase is important for future network evolutions towards new technologies, like cloud operation and big data concepts. For end-users, this will significantly increase the user experience, by much faster data connections, more capacity for different services, like high speed internet, video conferencing, TV and gaming, etc.

T-Mobile is Austria's second-largest mobile operator, offering comprehensive portfolio of services and devices, maintaining rich variety and high-level quality. In recent years, T-Mobile has developed a powerful LTE network for growing mobile bandwidth requirements. In addition, high capacities are used for wide variety of internet services. In order to ensure service efficiency and future-proof flexibility, TMA begun considering the advanced network evolution with 400G implementation. In November 2015, ZTE installed the testing equipment in Vienna and officially launched the 400G test. The capacity upgrade and implementation of 400G was done smoothly within the live network, without any changes to the existing base, by simple adding of 400G boards. Moreover, the 400G (dual-carrier 16QAM) 475km ULH transport (Vienna-Graz-Vienna) was performed with the adjacency to 10G and 100G channels, which demonstrates the high performance efficiency, seamless upgrade and advanced future evolution of the existing network to 400G and beyond-400G. Furthermore, the software-defined optical modules of 400G boards can accommodate the metro, long-haul and other scenarios by flexible adjustment of modulation modes and spectrum.

As a supplier of existing DWDM network, ZTE has cooperated with T-Mobile to provide efficient communication channels and a long standing history of experience to the optical transport industry. In 2012, ZTE’s WASON intelligent Solution in T-Mobile network, won the "Backbone Optical Network Innovation Award" awarded by GTB (Global Telecoms Business) in 2012.

The latest OVUM report shows that in the third quarter of 2015 ZTE's optical network products accounted for 13 percent of the global market share, ranking No. 2 in the world. They serve 328 operators across 112 countries and regions and have maintained strong growth. According to the OVUM report, ZTE’s rolling four-quarter revenue for WDM products has been growing for twelve consecutive quarters since the fourth quarter of 2012.