ZTEWelink selected as supplier by Octo Telematics to expand Insurance Telematics market in Europe

Release Time:2016-02-24
ZTEWelink selected as supplier by Octo Telematics to expand Insurance Telematics market in Europe - ZTE Press Release

ZTEWelink selected as supplier by Octo Telematics to expand Insurance Telematics market in Europe

Date:2016-02-24 ZTE Click:1273

24 February 2016, Barcelona, Spain - At Mobile World Congress 2016, ZTEWelink Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as ZTEWelink, the subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement with Octo Telematics, the global leading TSP, to provide enabling technology to help Octo develop its Insurance Telematics business.

According to the agreement, ZTEWelink will provide Octo with professional UBI hardware which is based on high modularity and scalability both at Hardware and Firmware level. This will deliver various product form factors from the same basic elements, and a combination of different populated options. The new OBU architecture will provide OBU fundamental functionalities (e.g. Wireless Communications, GNSS positioning, CAN-BUS, 6-Axis Gyro, Bluetooth, high precision ADC etc.). The sleep mode power consumption is less than 1mA. The hardware can be integrated with other modules as needed to compose different architectures for the demands of the Telematics market segment and provide a broad range of enriched functionalities (e.g. video, audio, enhanced signal processing, etc.).

Octo Telematics, has 36% market share in insurance telematics market globally, and in January 2016 has reached a milestone of four million connected users globally. As the pioneer and leader of driving behavior analysis, Octo has more than 14 years’ experience in providing insurance telematics services as well as telematics applications in motor rental, fleet management, car manufacturing, governmental sectors and a fast growing range of specialist applications.

“Octo is delighted to partner with ZTEWelink after a strong technical collaboration. As Octo further develops its insurance telematics services propositions focused on driving behavior analytics, crash and claims and customer management it is vital for us to work with the leading hardware manufacturers whose capabilities can enable the highest possible quality of data to deliver our cutting edge services.” said Gianfranco Giannella, Senior Vice President Product, Service and Innovation, Octo Telematics.

“We are very optimistic about the prospects of UBI business market, and also well recognize Octo's industry leadership in the world, this collaboration will help the growth of the insurance telematics market by bringing greater modularity and flexibility across a range of devices to serve different customer segments.” said Wang Zhijun, VP of ZTEWelink. “The partnership also embodies ZTEWelink’s strength and rich experience in the field of automotive products.”

ZTEWelink is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of Wireless Communication Modules, Industry Customized Terminals and M2M Solutions. The company entered OEM market in 2009, and provides services for customers home and abroad such as AT&T, PATEO, AUTONET and etc.