Leading the Global Transition to Smart Cities in China TM Forum's “Smart City InFocus 2016: Yinchuan”

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9 September 2016, Shenzhen, China – In partnership with the City of Yinchuan and ZTESoft, the three day TM Forum’s 2nd annual event, Smart City InFocus 2016, began yesterday. This year’s summit will revolve around the theme of "Smart City, Exciting Lives". The summit will be attended by more than 1000 people, who will join to share ideas in China's leading smart city.

Attendees include senior government officials, business leaders, international experts in smart cities who represent more than 106 cities, five continents, and 66 countries and regions, representatives from domestic smart city excellence pilot cities, and more than 50 producers in the smart city ecosystem. 

On the first day of the summit, smart city dignitaries from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, Holland, Germany and Argentina visited smart city landmarks in Yinchuan, including the emergency command centers and city hall.

On September 8th and 9th, city administrators and experts from all over the world will discuss the current and future trends in the construction and development of smart cities. Speakers will share the newest thinking in smart city development and deployment with attendees and the wider world. The forum will focus on key topics, including top level design, business models, management models, construction standards and safety practices, and smart city legislation.

At the smart city exhibition hall, attendees can experience the enhanced government management and better quality of life for residents made possible through smart city innovation. At the exhibition, ZTE is presenting the concept and achievements of Smart City 2.0, showcasing the 1+3+N smart city solution, which helps to transplant proven smart city technologies, tailored to the unique needs of each new city, and their cloud-based big data platform, which serves as the “brain” of a smart city to process real-time information from the city’s interconnected IoT. 

Also on display is ZTE Pre5G technology, including 1080p high-definition video conferencing and virtual reality. Other ZTE tech includes smart transportation that enables users to instantly check traffic conditions and identifies untrustworthy cab drivers on their mobile phone. At the hall, attendees can see aspects of Yinchuan’s smart administration, made possible with ZTE solutions, such as digitalized business registration. Yinchuan’s smart community features include facial recognition, remote meter reading and intelligent waste collection.    

Smart City InFocus 2016: Yinchuan is an examination of the state of smart cities that creates a global platform for sharing ideas and building the industry ecosystem. Yinchuan, China’s model smart city, will soon be known as the global standard of smart cities.

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