Network Service Operations Help to Deliver Ultimate User Experience in Digital Era

2022-05-19 Author:By Luo Xiaojiong Click:
Network Service Operations Help to Deliver Ultimate User Experience in Digital Era - ztetechnologies
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Network Service Operations Help to Deliver Ultimate User Experience in Digital Era

Release Date:2022-05-19  Author:By Luo Xiaojiong  Click:

In the digital era, all kinds of smart APPs bring great convenience to people's work and life. They rely more on a variety of APPs and are particularly sensitive to the quality and experience of social media, video entertainment and instant messaging applications. Telecom carriers are facing many challenges in their traditional network-centric operations. For example, network indicators are good, but users still experience slow access to Internet, stuttered videos, and unsmooth gameplay. How can carriers dynamically identify high-value users and ensure their good experience in real time? When there is a bottleneck in network capacity, how can they formulate capacity expansion policies to efficently improve user experience? 
To meet the needs of rapid service development in the digital era, telecom carriers must transform from network-centric operations to customer-centric operations. They need to shift from network operations that focus on network quality and performance to service operations that focus on service quality and user experience, so as to improve network quality, service quality and user experience in an all-round way, and manage user experience to improve customer satisfaction through data-driven precise marketing. 

Service Operations Solution
ZTE's service operations solution is customer-centric and meets the needs of telecom carriers in the digital era by measuring, evaluating, analyzing and improving user experience and the quality of services carried over the network such as videos, games and web browsing, so that carriers can understand users better, get closer to users, and better serve users (Fig. 1). 

Through years of accumulation, ZTE has gained rich experience in its own unique service operations, and has practiced in a number of projects to help carriers make breakthroughs in the 3G and 4G eras and continue to improve market competitiveness in the 5G era.
Service quality guarantee: ZTE's service operations solution actively monitors service quality indicators, such as video throughput and game latency. When service quality deteriorates, the solution automatically generates alarms and triggers and assigns work orders to O&M staff. In this scenario, the O&M staff can find the service interruption or negative impact caused by non-network failure, and locate and handle the problem in time.
User experience guarantee: The big data analysis tool is used to identify high-value user groups, automatically correlate their distribution in the network, overall resident time and service usage, and find high-value areas. These areas are optimized and guaranteed to ensure a good experience for high-value users. For example, if an industrial park has a large number of high-value users, the O&M staff can actively observe their user experience through some measurable modeling and scoring. If the user experience deteriorates, the O&M staff will analyze the root cause and take corresponding network optimization measures to ensure user experience.
Precise network expansion: The solution can produce an accurate return on investment (ROI) decision and predict the capacity by measuring cell traffic, the number of users and the costs, combined with user experience indicators, site costs and revenue, and network congestion data. In addition, operators can also develop accurate and preventive expansion planning strategies based on the analysis of high-value users and areas to support their precise investment (Fig. 2).
Precise marketing: By using big data tools and considering the factors such as network features, service status and user behaviors, the precise marketing strategy can be made to help telecom carriers better serve their users. The core of precise marketing is how to design more reasonable marketing activities based on these factors, so as to improve customer satisfaction and carrier income. For example, for a popular game, the solution can analyze its traffic and usage time and area to help marketing staff design packages based on traffic and time periods, and identify areas for marketing activities.

Shift From Network-Centric to Customer-Centric Operations for Customer Satisfaction and User Growth

In the project cooperated with an operator, ZTE's service operations solution helped the operator succeed in transforming from network-centric to customer-centric operations. The solution proactively guaranteed the experience of more than 1000 VIP users and 3.5 million high-value users. Through active monitoring, the potential problems of users were found and dealt with more than 300 times, the efficiency of handling user complaints was improved by 16%, and the overall user experience indicators rose by over 5%. Finally, it helped the operator increase network traffic by 130%, the number of users by 35%, and customer satisfaction scores by 6%. The operator's Opex was also reduced by 30% through precise capacity expansion. 

Service operations have great opportunities for development in terms of service flexibility, process variability and service extensibility in the 5G era. With more than 30 years of experience in network operations, ZTE will continue to improve its network, service and user experience integrated operations to help telecom carriers deliver ultimate network experience to users in the digital era.