UniSeer: An Intelligent MS Solution Orientated to Network, Service and User Experience

2022-05-19 Author:By Zhang Dayong, Luo Xiaojiong Click:
UniSeer: An Intelligent MS Solution Orientated to Network, Service and User Experience - ztetechnologies
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UniSeer: An Intelligent MS Solution Orientated to Network, Service and User Experience

Release Date:2022-05-19  Author:By Zhang Dayong, Luo Xiaojiong  Click:

With the continuous expansion of mobile communication network and the booming development of digitalization, telecom network is gradually evolving to be virtual and cloud-based, and the complexity of its managed service (MS) is also increasing. At the same time, due to various service scenarios as well as diverse and personlized user experience, telecom carriers are facing new challenges in MS. They urgently need digital transformation to enhance automation and intelligence of their MS, improve efficiency and provide better support for digital operations.
In response to the challenges faced by carriers, ZTE has launched UniSeer, an intelligent MS solution that introduces big data and AI to make MS evolve to zero touch operations and finally achieve the goal of easy MS.

UniSeer: Intelligent MS Solution
The UniSeer intelligent MS solution consists of three parts: intelligent insight, intelligent network MS and intelligent service MS. Intelligent prediction, precise prevention and automatic closed-loop of network faults are embedded in the network MS. In the service MS, the quality of service and user experience can be intelligently demarcated, analyzed and guaranteed, and the centralized presentation and real-time management of the network and services are realized through intelligent insight, as illustrated in Fig. 1.

Intelligent Insight
Intelligent insight presents network, service and experience indicators through more than 20 large screens as well as a dozen screens on mobile phones, and intelligently correlates and analyzes them, so that telecom carriers and the MS teams can learn about changes of the network and services anytime and anywhere.
Global information: Intelligent insight enables combined or separate presenattion of network faults, network performance, quality of serive, and user experience in a full and flexible manner. Network indicators can be presented by area on the GIS map; network performance presented by network elements; and traffic, number of subscribers, key services, and user experience presented globally or hierarchically.
Various scenarios: Large screens can be centrally placed in the network operations center (NOC). The NOC staff can view and check network indicatorsvia PCs in real time, and execute remote maintenance. They can also quickly and easily view information of the whole network via their mobile phones without working on the site.
Efficient and flexible service capabilities: The UniSeer intelligent MS solution can refresh and present network indicators in near real time and automatically monitor them, and customize dynamic alarm thresholds according to the historical indicators' fluctuation. MS staff can also flexibly configure indicators by the global, area, time period, user group, and service type. 

Intelligent Network MS

Intelligent network MS achieves MS automation, simplifies processes and improves efficiency through tools. It introduces the AI algorithm to the core process to enhance precise MS capabilities. Intelligent network MS runs through prediction, prevention and handling of network faults, and can greatly reduce faults, handling time and manual work. Its typical services include:
Fault prediction and precise preventive maintenance: To predict potential network faults and eliminate them in their infancy, ZTE has introduced automatic fault prediction to predict the time, type and probability of possible faults at each site, give early warnings in time and provide the best troubleshooting suggestions. According to the predicted results, combined with site sub-health status, major guarantee arrangements and resource distribution, the preventive maintenance sites are prioritized to troubleshoot and repair the sites with high fault probability as soon as possible.
Intelligent root cause analysis: Through the intelligent analysis of network topology and historical faults as well as the correlation of fault types among a variety of devices, faulty network elements and root cause alarms can be found accurately, and then through automatic work order assignment, trouble tickets can be quickly transferred to proper handlers.
Automatic fault diagnosis and recovery: The automatic fault diagnosis and recovery function provides big data analysis and self-learning, which can dignose quickly and accurately and automatically issue the repair instructions according to the established strategy, and quickly recover complex faults.

Intelligent Service MS
Intelligent service MS evaluates and analyzes the quality of services carried by the telecom network such as games, videos and web browsing, and forms a service guarantee centered on user experience.
To evaluate the quality of user experience, a set of service quality indicators such as video throughput, game latency and the web page opening time are needed, and then each service is weighted and combined into a user experience score. Based on such an index system, intelligent service MS implements intelligent analysis and active handling of user experience issues. Typical service scenarios include:
Service quality guarantee: The UniSeer intelligent MS solution actively monitors service quality indicators. When these indicators deteriorate or the associated network indicators are abnormal, the system will automatically generate alarms and trigger work orders to the MS staff for handling. Therefore, the MS staff can locate the problems in time and eliminate the impact.
User experience guarantee: By automatically filtering and analyzing subscriber distribution, residence time and service usage, the UniSeer intelligent MS solution identifies high-value user groups and areas, actively detects changes in their user experience and finds the problems.
Precise marketing: Based on network features, service status and user behaviors, the UniSeer intelligent MS solution provides precise marketing suggestions for the marketing team of carriers. For example, it provides analysis reports on terminals and shared hotspots to help carriers migrate value users. It also makes APP time domain/region analysis reports to provide data for precise marketing of high-value APPs.

Digital Transformation to Boost Operations
In a project in South Asia, ZTE's UniSeer solution helped the operator achieve digital transformation, greatly improving network availability and user experience. With the introduction of automatic tools, the operator's Opex was significantly reduced by 30%. With the help of user experience improvement and precise development strategy, the operator doubled its traffic and increased its subscriber base by 40%.
ZTE always adheres to the service tenet of "easy MS, ultimate experience, and great value". Being customer-centered, through integrated MS, it carries out multi-dimensional insight, improves user experience and thus focuses on service value. And through cost modeling, ZTE maximizes the return on investment and achieves ultimate operations.