M-IRSA: Multi-Packets Transmitted Irregular Repetition Slotted Aloha

Release Date:2020-12-14  Author:SUN Jingyun, LIU Zhen, WU Yang  Click:

M-IRSA: Multi-Packets Transmitted Irregular Repetition Slotted Aloha

SUN Jingyun, LIU Zhen, WU Yang
(Hiwing Satellite Operation Division of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Bejing 100070, China)

Abstract: : The design of random media access control (MAC) protocol has been attracting great attention for satellite communication networks, where the propagation delay is long and the traffic load is varying. Advanced coded random access schemes tend to provide resource allocation strategies for massive uncoordinated devices, where multiple packet replicas from each user are transmitted in random slots of the frame and successive interference cancellation (SIC) iterations are tracked to recover collided packets at the receiver. It is assumed that each active user just has a single information packet to be transmitted. In this paper, an MAC layer random access scheme named Multi-Packets Transmitted Irregular Repetition Slotted Aloha (M-IRSA) is proposed. Different from the existing advanced random access schemes, the M-IRSA scheme supports various number of packet transmission per user by using pre-coding procedure. Joint decoding combined with SIC iterations and local decoding is analyzed. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme is more efficient compared with the IRSA scheme without packet loss rate (PLR) loss. Keywords: Aloha; coded random access; MAC; satellite network; successive interference cancellation


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