Integrated 3D Fan-out package of RF Microsystem and Antenna for 5G Communication

Release Date:2020-09-28  Author:XIA Chenhui, WANG Gang, WANG Bo, MING Xuefei  Click:

Integrated 3D Fan-out package of RF Microsystem and Antenna for 5G Communication

XIA Chenhui, WANG Gang, WANG Bo, MING Xuefei
(The 58th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Wuxi 214000, China)

Abstract: A 3D fan-out packaging method for the integration of 5G communication radio frequency (RF) microsystem and antenna is studied. First of all, through the double-sided wiring technology on the glass wafer, the fabrication of 5G antenna array is realized. Then the low power devices such as through silicon via (TSV) transfer chips, filters and antenna tuners are flip-welded on the glass wafer, and the glass wafer is reformed into a wafer permanently bonded with glass and resin by the injection molding process with resin material. Finally, the thinning resin surface leaks out of the TSV transfer chip, and the rewiring is carried out on the resin surface, and then the power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, power management and other devices are flip-welded on the resin wafer surface. Ball grid array (BGA) is implanted to form the final package. The loss of the RF transmission line is measured by using the RF millimeter wave probe table. The results show that the RF transmission loss from the chip end to the antenna end in the fan-out package is very small, and it is only 0.26 dB/mm when working in 60 GHz. A slot coupling antenna is designed on the glass wafer. The antenna can operate at 60 GHz and the maximum gain can reach 6 dB within the working bandwidth. This demonstration successfully provides a feasible solution for the 3D fan-out integration of RF microsystem and antenna in 5G communication.
Keywords: AiP; fan-out package; RF microsystem; 3D integration; 5G communication


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