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Dedicated Wireless Network Solution for Civil Aviation Airports

The ZiLTE multimedia trunking dispatch system provides comprehensive service functions of voice, data, positioning, HD video and multimedia trunking dispatch, realizes perfect integration between airport vehicle positioning and video surveillance, and between trunking communications and dispatch work orders, and supports both wired and wireless interconnection.

GoTa Solution for Transportation Industry Applications

The GoTa system not only provides independent Virtual Private Network (VPN) trunking dispatch applications for various departments in the transportation industry, but also incorporates these departments into an application platform for uniform management and collaborative dispatch and improved administrative efficiency.

GoTa Urban Railway Transportation Dispatch System Solution

Boasting fast speed, safety, punctuality, small land use, large carrying capacity, low energy consumption and small pollution, urban railway transportation has been the first choice for the public transportation in all major cities of the world.

Integrated Command and Dispatch System

The integrated command and dispatch system developed by ZTE Trunking consists of the wired and wireless converged dispatch subsystem, video dispatch subsystem, GIS subsystem, call center subsystem, alarm reception subsystem, contingency plan management subsystem, digital voice recording subsystem, coordinated command subsystem, clock synchronization subsystem, large-screen display subsystem, and so on.

Underground Wireless Communications Solution for Coal Mines

The underground communications system developed by ZTE Trunking is a mature, stable, reliable, and robust system.

Vehicle-Mounted Multimedia Trunking Communications Solution

The ZiLTE multimedia broadband trunking system can unify devices and enhance effectiveness. It can provide various services simultaneously, including the voice, SMS, trunking intercom, data collection, video conference and HD video services. 

Wireless Broadband Communications Solution for Digital Oilfields

ZiLTE provides end-to-end solutions to help oilfields realize automatic well site data collection, well site video surveillance and intelligent well patrol, and to improve the digital, automatic and intelligent levels of oilfield production.

Wireless Dispatch Solution for Ports and Piers

The ZiLTE-based wireless dispatch solution for ports can provide the voice, short message, intercom, data, and HD video services in different scenarios, such as arrival or departure of vessels, goods loading and unloading, hoisting, and forwarding. 

Wireless Multimedia Communications Solution for Smart Cities

The platform layer provides unified interfaces to call mass information collected by the network, and to provide customized services and special applications for governments and industries.

Wireless Multimedia Communications Solution for Smart Power Grids

ZiLTE provides a total service solution to meet the communications service requirements for information collection, HD video transmission, automation control, command and dispatch, and mobile office in various links, and fully supports construction of smart power grids.

Wireless Multimedia Communications Solution for Urban Rail Transit

ZiLTE provides the professional wireless trunking dispatch function for meeting the requirement of train-to-ground wireless communications. The GoTa 4G core network equipment is deployed in a central equipment room or a control center. Wireless base stations are deployed in communications rooms or tunnels.

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