ZSmart Electronic Operation & Maintenance System

  • As a leading service provider in BSS/OSS with rich O&M experience, ZTE eOMS effectively supports Managed Service for operators,providing the following functionalities.

    As telecom technology develops and business scope expands gradually, operators have to face challenges such as high network maintenance cost and low operation & maintenance (O&M) efficiency. Managed Service can release operators from complicated network maintenance so that operators can concentrate on providing valuable services for end customers.


    However, Managed Service is not just about equipment maintenance outsourcing or maintenance man power outsourcing. Instead, operators need to master the process of Managed Service to ensure SLA for customers. In addition, operators should try to improve O&M efficiency to save cost. Therefore, a set of effective IT O&M tools with complete functions are extremely important to support Managed Service for operators and Managed Service vendors.


    As a leading service provider in BSS/OSS with rich O&M experience, ZTE adopts ZSmart electronic Operation & Maintenance System (eOMS) to effectively support Managed Service for operators, providing the following functionalities: workforce management, trouble ticket management, performance assessment, preventive maintenance plan, change management, and management view for managers.


    Key Features

    Unified Management and Dispatch Platform

    • Centralized alarm monitoring of multi-network and multi-vendor equipments
    • Automatic dispatching trouble tickets and multi-channel notification
    • Optimized fulfillment and workforce dispatch (based on GIS, skills & tools)

    Full Management on Management Service Process

    • SLA management and achievement evaluation for each organization
    • Achievement evaluation report based on track record

    Flexible Experience Library

    • Integrated Global O&M experience library of ZTE
    • Accelerated troubleshooting process via previous experience
    • Improved knowledge transfer

    Service-based Business Process Configuration Platform

    • GUI-based tools for configuring business process to improve management efficiency
    • Time limit management on business processes and nodes to ensure service quality


    • Reduced cost and improved efficiency
    • Improved process and quality of Managed Service
    • Improved employee skills with knowledge sharing and transfer mechanism
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