Global Service Orchestrator(GSO)

  • The progress of digital transformation is driving carriers to change their traditional operation systems. The next-generation operation system of carriers is no longer a simple back-end O&M system or a simple Service Online system, but a customer-facing front-end service system and value creation system that can achieve DIY "Service-On-Demand".
  • The traditional OSS is facing various challenges: complex network management, long time to market of new services, difficult innovation, high cost, etc. Confronted with challenges, ZTE proposes an overall end-to-end solution called GSO (global service orchestration) to help carriers with transformation.
    Based on its profound understanding and years of experience in the telecom industry, ZTE GSO realizes services encapsulation by the strong design engine and shields details on the bottom layer of service implementation, and provides users with a simple and easy-to-use self-service orchestration portal, so that users can select services and networks freely. 
    GSO receives requests of service orders from BSS/ self-service portal. Based on the model-driven design philosophy, GSO converts orders to network resource (traditional network resource, SDN/NFV resource, etc.) and implements full process management of service automatic fulfillment and assurance.
    GSO supports multi-vendors, multi-platforms and multi-networks (virtual and physical) E2E design and orchestration. Policy-based closed-loop control in GSO makes the network capable of all service lifecycle management and assurance. GSO also provides a unified interface with open capabilities to external systems, which accelerates service innovation, new service release and TTM.

    Customer Value
    ●Service real-time hitting shelves: graphical and templated online design tools, DevOps continuous integration and fast service hitting shelves.
    ●Service self-service fulfillment: self-service portal, network customization and service on-demand, automatic real-time fulfillment.
    ●Zero-touch full progress assurance: unified model of service fulfillment and assurance, real-time data analysis and prediction (SLA/KQI/KPI), service elastic scheduling, dynamic optimization and problems close-loop.

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