Cloud Application Solution

  • ZTE cloud core network realizes the hardware-software decoupling by the virtualization of various functions of the core network elements. Specifically speaking, software modules are no longer associated with dedicated hardware, but loaded and run on the virtual machines/containers.
  • After the virtualization of core network functions, the network element capacity and the network type can be deployed flexibly and adjusted dynamically according to diversified needs, so as to improve the network flexibility and agility. In order to further improve the performance of virtual network’s media interface, the media interface forwarding function has been departed, and SDN switches are used to realize the high-effective forwarding of the media stream and the nearest distributed deployment of the forwarding function.
    ZTE cloud core network can be deployed quickly. It provides scalable and elastic environment, enhancing the security and the regulatory compliance. Also, it realizes fast service innovation by the on-demand open service architecture, shortening the new business deployment cycle significantly and saving the operator's costs.
    ZTE cloud core network already supports the virtualization of all the core network elements. In the year of 2016, all the network elements of ZTE cloud core network have been commercially used in Belarus in a large scale, including vEPC/vUDC/vCS/vIMS. This is the first full-NE commercial virtualized core network in the industry.

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