Elastic Network

SDN/NFV White Paper

The strategies of Industry 4.0 and Internet+ are driving the massive upgrading of traditional industries, assisted by innovative internet technologies, to become more intelligent and scale customized. This kind of upgrading requires massive data to be collected and centralized to the cloud, and bring the whole society to the ”era of cloud”. In the era of cloud, it is necessary for the network resources to be allocated dynamically thus dramatically increasing the resource efficiency. The traditional telecom network is required to deal with more complicated and differentiated scenarios, to break through the vertically-divided rigid system and the ever-locked network elements.


ElasticNet OES Technical White Paper

As the mobile Internet era approaches, telecom operators face huge challenges in how to reduce costs, improve network resource utilization, enhance the convenience of network operation and maintenance (O&M), accelerate service launch, and fulfill differentiated services. Meanwhile, the cloud operation based on emerging technologies of NFV/SDN/cloud computing differs from the legacy telecom operation. As a result, the legacy operating system of telecom network requires transformation.

Technical White Paper of Elastic SD-WAN

During digital transformation, the network requirement model keeps changing. When local service computing is implemented on the cloud, the network shall not only enjoy stabler and faster WAN bandwidth, but also be more transparent to upper layer services. Conventional enterprise networks bothered by slow service provisioning, complicated maintenance of dedicated devices and expensive private lines have become a real obstacle to the digital transformation.

IDC White Paper – ZTE: Enabling CSP Digital Transformation to the Cloud Era

The rapid pace of innovation in the ICT industry, changing customer demands, and ongoing digital transformation across industries and verticals, all requires important changes in the ways communication service providers (CSPs) operate. At the basis of CSP transformation into digital service providers capable of competing with over-the-top (OTT) providers is the transformation of CSPs' technological foundation — their networks.

Software-Defined Optical Network (SDON) White Paper

Providing more intelligent, virtualized and cloud-based services with SDON technology

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