Big Data&Artificial Intelligence

Application Scenarios

So far, ZTE uSmartInsight has served more than 100 customers in the world, located in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, covering telecom operators, finance industry, public security and other industries. ZTE uSmartInsight is helping customers achieve the intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent financial, intelligent government, public security and so on.


Smart O&M

The deep learning ability of artificial intelligence can extract the implicit correlation features in the massive operation and maintenance data, trace the original fault, achieve the fault analysis through summarizing the fault by the common features.

Smart Financial

Based on ZTE uSmartInsight, ZTE helped the domestic financial industry develop GoldenData Financial big data Platform, which integrates data of financial industry to help customers achieve anti-fraud, risk control, anti-money laundering and other related businesses.

Smart City

ZTE developed big data applications for government based on ZTE uSmartInsight, and build a series of big data applications, standard specification, security system and operation and maintenance management service.

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