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Application Scenarios

So far, ZTE uSmartInsight has served more than 100 customers in the world, located in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, covering telecom operators, finance industry, public security and other industries. ZTE uSmartInsight is helping customers achieve the intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent financial, intelligent government, public security and so on.

AI Enables Network Intelligence - ZTE AI White Paper

ZTE AI White Paperwhite paper comprehensively envisions the "Autonomous, Predictive, On-demand and Smart Operation" future intelligent network architecture, solutions and scenarios. Focusing on the recent viral trends in the telecommunications, the white paper mainly introduces the artificial intelligence uSmartInsight platform of ZTE and typical application scenarios such as smart 5G, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent optimization, smart operation and smart home.

ZTE Expects Artificial Intelligence for Operation to Expedite

ZTE Corporation partnered with research companymarket research firm IDC to jointly issue an "Expediting AI for Operations in the Networks of Future" white paper, ZTE believes AI automation will play a greater role in the telecom sector and AI for Operations represents a great opportunity for telecom service providers to establish a leading position in the future market.

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