ZTE Fixed Network Migration Solution

  • With the new entrance to broadband service of mobile operators and new operators, the traditional fixed-line operators are facing the tremendous pressure of business revenue and profits. ZTE Fixed Network Migration solution provides end-to-end optimization design by demands analyses, central office planning, terminal coverage, service design and supporting system. ZTE helps fixed-line operators to migrate the fixed network to a fast, flexible and intelligent broadband network to keep their core competitiveness in the ICT era ahead!

  • Benefits

    Fiber in, Copper out

    • Remove the aging copper network, switch broadband and voice at the same time. By the solution of FTTC/B/H, ultimately evolved to the whole fiber network. It is the Mainstream Migration solution.

    Fiber in, No Copper out

    • Build the new feeder fiber cable while the copper cable reserved. This solution belongs to the broadband network superimposed on the original voice networks, mainly for low penetration and low bandwidth scenarios. 

    No Fiber in, No Copper out

    • Totally reuse the OSP network for the lowest investment. Replace the aging equipment with MSAG to meet broadband and voice requirements to realize the integrated service with lowest cost.

    Speed up in Copper 

    • To realize higher speed without fiber into the room when already in FTTC or FTTB mode. By new technologies such as vectoring, bonding, G.fast, to reach up to 1Gbps in the copper network.

    Fixed-Mobile Convergence

    • Through unified planning of fixed and wireless networks, to reach most optimized and cost-effective access network by the solutions such as mobile backhaul, Offload and Hybrid. Especially suitable for full-service providers.

    Network Flattening

    • It is a future-proof network technology by vertical and horizontal integration to reduce network level and shorten the service provision time. With the new SDN/NFV evolution, it helps the operator to build a more intelligent and efficient fixed network.
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