G.fast Solution

  • With years of enriched experience and technology expertise in the copper and fiber access sector, ZTE has done a lot for the commercialization of FTTdp@G.fast including self-care reversed power feeding (RPF), efficient and flexible management and O&M, smooth network evolution, as well as highly-reliable and highly-adaptable equipment structural design to help operators build FTTH-like premium networks.

  • Benefits

    Self-adaptive backhaul brings flexible choice of uplinks

    • G.fast DPUs adopts all-in-one MAC to be compatible with multiple uplink technologies like GE, 10GE, GPON, XG-PON1, XGS-PON and even NG-PON2.
    • Through swapping uplink SFP module flexibly, DPU supports smooth migration.

    New-generation sealed design streamlines installation and maintenance

    • Easy installation: thanks to out-of-box wiring design, all wiring works are done out of box, significantly simplify on-site installation work.
    • Easy replacement: thanks to external connector design, DPU replacement can be implemented easily through pulling out and plugging in the connectors without need of rewiring.

    Hybrid G.fast/VDSL2 and built-in RCR enables on demand migration

    • FTTdp@G.fast solution provides a smooth and on-demand migration mode through hybrid G.fast/VDSL2 or built-in RCR technologies. Once installation completed, the FTTC/FTTCO to FTTdp migration can be done automatically and on demand without on-site work.

    Self-care powering system provides flexible and convenient power supply

    • ZTE self-care power system, with local AC, remote power feeding, RFP and batteries enabled in one box, can easily handle complex and unpredictable on-site power conditions. On the other hand, specific power module could be chosen for a certain condition.
    • ZTE self-care RPF solution supports friendly-user power feeding or fair power feeding, and provides comprehensive RPF management.
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