ZTE FTTx Solution

  • ZTE FTTx solution helps operators build broadband optical access platforms for full-service operation. It offers multi-service and multi-scenario access, high bandwidth, excellent performance, carrier-class reliability and easy operation & maintenance. These functions and features enable the network to meet customers’ requirements, fully protect the investment and enhance the value of the FTTx network.

  • Benefits

    Full-service access meets diverse scenario requirements

    ZTE full-service FTTx solution supports the rollout of VoIP, IPTV, VoD, HSI and CATV services, and helps operators enhance their operation capabilities and drive up revenues.

    Full-lifecycle ODN solution helps builds end-to-end service capabilities
    ZTE offers full series of ODN products to ensure timely shipment, delivery and maintenance. ZTE eODN solution implements intelligent end-to-end network planning management and maintenance, helping operators increase network management efficiency and reduce TCO.

    Seven access modes enable sustainable network evolution
    ZTE provides a unified access platform that integrates three generations and seven access modes of PON access technologies including GPON/EPON, 10G GPON/10G EPON, TWDM-PON, WDM PON as well as PtP.

    Industry’s first commercial XG-PON1 solution
    ZTE launched the industry’s first 8-port XG-PON1 card, allowing a single OLT system to provide 128 XG-PON1 ports and migrate to NG-PON2. ZTE XG-PON1 ONT is able to provide 9Gbps bandwidth. ZTE also launched the industry’s first 16-port outdoor G.fast DPU that supports XG-PON1, five-in-one power supply, and convenient maintenance without the need to open the cover.

    Built-in OTDR solution pinpoints network faults accurately and reduces onsite fault diagnosis by 32%
    ZTE built-in OTDR solution employs 1650nm third wavelength and a self-developed SoC chip that supports on-demand deployment without influencing the current power budget or altering the legacy network architecture. It is able to pinpoint network faults in 30 seconds with a precision of 3 meters, and increase network management efficiency by 23%.

    QRun solution enhances user experience
    ZTE QRun solution is able to implement FTTx network planning, operation readiness, service distribution and fault processing efficiently, help operators win over customers in the competitive market, shorten the TTM, enhance user experience, and increase the ROI.

    Industry’s first Combo PON solution
    Multiplexing between GPON and XG-PON1 channels without the requirements of rack and external optical multiplexer. Reducing footprint in equipment rooms by 60% and deployment cost of equipment by 24%.By using the same ODN, OPEX can be saved.

    Environmental-friendly design helps operators show social responsibility
    FTTx solutions adopt electromechanical management, intelligent fan speed control, power management, PON port dynamic hibernating, Wi-Fi energy-saving, SoC design technology, to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction ,help operators reduce operation cost.

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