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Fixed Access


ZTE FTTx Solution

ZTE FTTx solution helps operators build broadband optical access platforms for full-service operation. It offers multi-service and multi-scenario access, high bandwidth, excellent performance, carrier-class reliability and easy operation & maintenance. These functions and features enable the network to meet customers’ requirements, fully protect the investment and enhance the value of the FTTx network.

ZTE 10G GPON Solution

10G GPON Solution provides high-speed services access, leads to an increasing ARPU and competitive advantages. It is well-suited to high-end home, SOHO, SME, mobile backhaul and other high-speed access. ZTE offers E2E 10G PON solution and product series including OLT, CPE, ODN and management systems.

Combo PON Solution

Combo PON is a new way to upgrade to 10G PON. GPON & 10G PON signals are processed in different MAC chips in optical module. The WDM1r is embedded in the optical module.

ZTE FTTx On-demand MSAN Solution

FTTx On-Demand solution with all-in-one platform MSAN is the access solution use the latest fiber access and copper access technologies And, with innovations such as Vectoring for copper and 10G PON for fiber, you can get the fastest possible access for broadband deployment.
FTTx on-demand solution can inherit traditional narrow-band service such as POTS, ISDN and leased line service, and flexibly provide high-speed internet access, 2k/4k video delivery through xDSL/GPON/10G PON/P2P various broadband accessing methods.

G.fast Solution

With years of enriched experience and technology expertise in the copper and fiber access sector, ZTE has done a lot for the commercialization of FTTdp@G.fast including self-care reversed power feeding (RPF), efficient and flexible management and O&M, smooth network evolution, as well as highly-reliable and highly-adaptable equipment structural design to help operators build FTTH-like premium networks.

Vectoring Solution

ZTE Vectoring Solution delivers 100+Mbps access speed to end users by offsetting the FEXT between VDSL2 lines to exploit the full potential of copper cables.

ZTE Fixed Network Migration Solution

With the new entrance to broadband service of mobile operators and new operators, the traditional fixed-line operators are facing the tremendous pressure of business revenue and profits. ZTE Fixed Network Migration solution provides end-to-end optimization design by demands analyses, central office planning, terminal coverage, service design and supporting system. ZTE helps fixed-line operators to migrate the fixed network to a fast, flexible and intelligent broadband network to keep their core competitiveness in the ICT era ahead!

ZTE QRun Solution

QRun (Quick Run) is an integrated solution that consists of twelve modules and helps operators to achieve quick planning and construction, operation readiness, service fulfillment and operation assurance of fixed broadband networks.

ZXESS EasyOptical+OTDR Solution

ZXESS EasyOptical+OTDR solution is customized for the FTTx broadband service assurance, to meet O&M requirement. The system provides abundant functions, such as fault diagnosis, performance prediction, real-time detecting, alarm processing, network analysis and statistics, etc.

ODN Solutions Build High-quality FTTx Network

With a deep understanding of customer’s needs and FTTx evolution technology, ZTE issued the end-to-end ODN solution. It helps customers to build an optimized, reliable, manageable and accelerated delivery FTTx network.

eODN solution

ZTE eODN is a whole-life-circle system, consisting of three major components, eDesign, eManager and eMonitor. It provides end to end smart solution for ODN network.

ZTE eODN Solution Helps Build Visual, Manageable and Controllable Optical Networks

ZTE eODN solution covers the whole-lifecycle of ODN and helps operators build visual, manageable and controllable optical networks.

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